View Full Version : DCG Source - Work in progress

01-09-2014, 05:44 AM
Hey everyone, just wanted to let you guys know I'm taking my love of digital card games to the next level.

Tonight I've begun the creation of DCG Source, a new website dedicated to news and updates for DCGs of all sorts! ^_^

> http://dcgsource.blogspot.com <

I would like to note that Duel of Champions is listed amongst others and I will do my best to help promote it. =)

If anyone would be interested in contributing for Duel of Champions or any other games please let me know, I'm accepting volunteers of all sorts. ^_^

Things I'm currently in need of:
Graphics Designer (banners, logos and other stuff)
Webmaster (to help spruce up the place!)
Forum Maker (I can do this on my own, but experienced help is appreciated!)
Journalists (Anyone who would like to cover Duel of Champions or any other game in particular are welcome!)

If you're interested please contact me at: dcgsource@live.com

- Xenshi