View Full Version : Favorite ac4 fighting style

01-08-2014, 07:35 PM
My picks are

1.Adewale he not only shows as ubisoft put it much more physical strength than Edward he also show more grace and technique as well( an example when adewale does his behind kill he slashes the enemies right leg disabling him then breaks his neck Edward just does two hits on the back with both swords). But that's understandable Ade went through the training course and worked for he assassins for over a decade Edward had to learn on the on the go the fine art of assassination.

2. Edward his style truly reflects his pirate roots dirty do anything it takes to win.

3. captain level enemies these guys are impossible to beat in an honest fight they block everything you try from kill streaks to even defense breaks but a nice counter kick to the balls works. there counters are very cool to watch.

01-10-2014, 02:00 AM
this thread wasnt what i thought it would be.

i'm through the game, but not ready for a replay, so i enjoy both the sailing and naval, and just walking about the towns looking for trouble. i like to go bare knuckled with nothing but coins equipped. so i do a lot of strangles, disarms and a quick dispatch with a taken knife.

if in Freedom Cry, nothing is more fun than tossing down a powder barrel from the roof into a good group of soldiers.

if feeling like getting really nasty, i'll equip the pistols, and keep doing the double takedown...especially the one where Edward puts the bullet through one guys head, directly into the guy behind him