View Full Version : assassins creed 4 stun tactics and trick moves

01-08-2014, 07:48 AM
hello my name is brad and i'm an experienced clan leader that would like to share my knowledge of stun tactics and trick stuns, all stuns tested by me and my clan members in private and live matches so if anyone needs any advice, ASK AWAY!
time phase corner stuns
Time phase stuns
time phase drop stuns
overhead drop stuns
wall run stun ''very tricky to master"
3 new variations on smoke bomb stuns "due to the time delay"
knife stuns "timing and placement is everything"
disruption stuns "running and stationary"
run stunning like a boss "how to sustain a steady streak of stuns while still running around to avoid multiple pursuers"
glimmer stuns
firecracker corner stuns
firecracker stationary stuns
and tripwire trap stuns "running or stationary"
you can reach me on here, or message me on my xbox360 gamer tag "Snapdragon5213" and if that fails message me for my email!