View Full Version : Bugs!!

01-07-2014, 03:15 PM
so ive been playing this game since christmas, ive completed both story missions and all side quest missions and so for the past few days its all bin about the abstergo challenges. however, i seem to have fallen foul to a bug or 3 in pirate section the challenge "plunder all smuggler's dens" i get 4/5 and i know they have all been done as all locations are gold. So then i move to fighter section and no matter what pi try just cant seem to get the "5 enemies affected by 1 smoke bomb" i know ive done it on several occasions but i stays at 0. Lastly i get to harpooning the six sea animals so to be sure i hadnt missed any, when i got my first white whale the other day i went round each other sea creature and caught them again, i have today caught a bull shark, great white shark, hammerhead shark, killer whale, humpback whale and together with the white whale thats all 6 right? I dont know if these will stop me getting 100% sync but assume i cant 100% the game though. psn tag is KRAP0TK1N feel free to add me for the social chalenges.