View Full Version : My only problem with AC4 (AC3 too)

01-07-2014, 09:10 AM
First let me say, I love the series. Played em all. I only have one gripe that started with AC3 and has made its way into AC4.

I hate being forced into one weapon style/set.

In Brotherhood we gained the ability to use and keep two handed weapons and this followed into Revelations. This was great. Not everyone likes one handed swords or being forced to dual wield. Connor always used his dagger with a sword. Kenway always dual wields. I would like Ubisoft to reintroduce more choice into weapon selection. Dual wield swords are freaking awesome but the Stocco from Brotherhood was the bomb! Also, more sword variation please. Im sick of cutlass and flashy, pointy, basket hilted style swords. I get that those are what was used in the time periods but throw in a ancient gladius or some cool longswords and broadswords please.

Anyone else agree with me? More choice is always better is all im saying.