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01-06-2014, 08:23 PM
I have never played an AC game before. Everyone told me that this one is not dependant on the previous titles.

Assassin Creed 4: Black Flag - Abstergo Interlude 1 - Part 1

It is time to forget about the Caribbean for a moment and return to the reality. Now I will play in the first person perspective. Follow the commands of a Frenchwoman and follow her. You will be equipped with a special communicator which is used for activating the individual elements in the Abstergo office. Once you will be capable of using something, the Wi-Fi symbol will flash green. Go to the elevator and take a lift. Upstairs, I will get the opportunity to meet my co-workers. Once all the cutscenes end, I will be able to take a look around the office or resume the simulation and return to pirating.

*Spoiler Alert*


Since this is my first time playing, does anyone have any tips for me? So, far - I am 50/50 liking it and not sure what I am really doing, the story of being plugged in is pretty cool, but at the same time disconnected as I was a pirate and now I am someone else trying to cash in on a reward and picking up side missions along the way? or is there more?

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01-07-2014, 03:22 AM
Since this is my first time playing, does anyone have any tips for me? So, far - I am 50/50 liking it and not sure what I am really doing, the story of being plugged in is pretty cool, but at the same time disconnected as I was a pirate and now I am someone else trying to cash in on a reward and picking up side missions along the way? or is there more?

Assassin's Creed has always been a story about a group of people in modern times trying to use ancestral memories via preserved DNA, to track info about powerful artifacts sought after by Templars to gain power and influence. You obviously play for the Assassins, whom are trying to stop the Templars from corrupting and controlling the world. In past segments of gameplay (and there are some present ones as you saw) you always operate via an Animus machine that is like a super virtual reality device. In this game however you're just observing someone else's VR experiences. In past titles there was always a present day descendant tapping into ancestor's memories via an actual VR type device, vs a machine that just views such data. In that regard, it helps to have experienced the prior games first to understand it. The VR element is also why your health is signified as "sychronization", because your mission involves secrecy and blending in. The higher profile you become, the closer you get to desynchronization. They also extrapolate this into applying to death in combat as well though, so some suspension of disbelief is required. That said, in any game with a name like "Assassin's Creed", I'm sure most would assume a certain amount of stealth elements.

As for tips. Look at your HUD more. You did fine on navigating the ship via looking at the HUD prompts, but you missed when in the upper right corner of the HUD it indicated to whistle when you're stalking from bushes. Whistling attracts nearby enemies and makes stealth WAY easier. You can also whistle from corners, trees, and rocks you stand behind, even chimneys on roofs. Edward will automatically assume a stealth stance if it's an object you can whistle from. He'll even stand back so as not to be seen as the lured enemy approaches, and pull him out of sight behind the corner/object after killing him. Just make sure no one else is close enough to see it, because he'll momentarily step out from concealment.

As far as those Eagle icons on the mini map, that is viewpoints. Another HUD prompt you missed is the one telling you to synchronize the viewpoint when you're out on the end of it's perch. That represents a visual assessment of the surrounding area and unlocks the map details for that immediate area. Synchronizing viewpoints also allows you to fast travel back to those perches, which makes completion of collectible gathering way easier. It also can make it way easier to get to and do missions that take place in those areas.

The treasure maps all have coordinate numbers on the lower right of them, and that one in this video actually was referring to the spot you thought it was, as that ship shown on the map WAS Stede Bonnet's ship. Early on in the game that can be valuable upgrade money for the ship. too. Whenever you get a treasure map though, if you zoom the view all the way out in the world map, you can click anywhere on the map and it will show the coordinates. With a PC mouse you do a right mouse click, on 360 pad I'm not sure which. Treasure maps typically have coordinates of major or secondary locations.

As far as finding items shown by icons on the mini map and world map, if you open up the world map, which I'm not sure which button is for on the 360 controller, it makes it a LOT easier to find things. This is because in the world map you can put the reticule (that gold circle) on an object, and once you click on it with the right button to highlight that object, you will actually see a small icon of that item on screen at the exact height, along with it's distance in meters.

General ship maneuvering is not well explained in game. The speed is increased or decreased with each single tap of the button assigned to going faster and slowing. There's basically 3 speeds, slow, medium, and travel speed. In travel speed you cannot fire weapons or brace, so be aware of that. The ship also steers more quickly when going slow. Thus you will have to ramp up and slow down your speed repeatedly to really maneuver well. Also note that you cannot let go of the ship wheel while in combat or storms, but you can fast travel. The game will also often times indicate you cannot let go of the wheel while trying to board an incapacitated ship, either due to a storm or another ship you're engaged with, but if you see the light colored water at the sides of the incapacitated ship, which indicates a usable boarding zone, just keep trying to hold down the board (slow speed) button, and the game will usually let you.

You may have already discovered that your side cannons are most effective when you get that white arc to land right on the side of the ship's hull, but also know that all ships are most vulnerable from behind. Your ship basically has 6 types of offensive weapons, one of which can be defensive as well. There's only one that doesn't need to be aimed, and that is heavy shot. Heavy shot is fired by side cannons that are fixed and cannot aim. It is one of your most powerful weapons, but the side of your ship needs to be fairly close to the enemy ship and at the same relative height on the water. You fire heavy shot with the same button as you do broadside cannons, except you just hit the fire button without aiming. Note as well that you have to actually BUY heavy shot before you can use it, and it, mortars and fire barrels are the only ammo that needs replenishing. You can also upgrade how much of those ammo types you can carry and how effective they are, as well as how effective the other ammo types and weapons are.

Swivel guns can be used two ways. While piloting the ship they can be used to further weaken damaged spots on enemy hulls, but they can't be used this way until you've dealt them some hull damage. Swivel guns are used by holding the button for them, waiting until their grey reticule swings to the damaged spot and turns red, then releasing to fire. You have to manually repeat this hold and release process for each damaged hull spot until there are no more, then you go back to using your cannons and repeat the process. Once swivel guns are upgraded all the way, it's a LOT easier to use them. You just hold down the button and they'll automatically quickly target and fire on each damaged spot one after the other.

Chainshot, or Chase Cannons, are what produces that narrow white arc when looking forward while aiming. Chainshot is regular shot chained together and used to destroy sails and masts. It also stuns ships and significantly slows them, but aim at the masts, as that's where they are most effective.

Mortar cannons are located on the bow and fire like land based mortars. They're best for distant shots at forts, first shots at big ships while approaching to get in a surprise attack, and med range shots at big ships while coming about to get into better position. When firing mortars, take into account the distance, speed and direction the target is going. From farther away they take longer to get there, and with faster ships you need to place the shots slightly ahead of their path. Mortar target areas highlight red when you aim at ships, but you don't HAVE to see red highlights to fire them. Also, enemy ships about to fire mortars will produce yellow then red circles in the water near you. You have a bit of time to maneuver after the yellow warning, but very little time after it turns red. You can use this to slow, turn and reroute as needed. Generally ships that fire mortars a lot are best taken on at close range to avoid their distant mortar shots though, same with forts. The exception with forts is if you're down the coast a ways and just within mortar range. Often times this way you can stay out of sight while nipping away at them with mortar shots. Best place to fight big ships from is directly behind, or at a 45 degree angle from behind.

Fire Barrels fire off the back of the ship when looking backward. They can be used offensively on approaching ships as your'e maneuvering, both passively and aggressively. Passively meaning letting ships run into them, aggressively meaning firing swivel guns at them when small ships stop to turn and avoid them, but in this case, they have to be close (and small) to do any damage. I like to use fire barrels to pin ships in a given spot. This is best done by laying them down in a spot a ship has just started a turn toward as you're passing by.

One of the key things to remember is to brace. Bracing, as you noted the HUD prompt showed when it said hold X, is a crew ducking defense measure, that again, requires some suspension of disbelief. The time to hold the brace button down is right after an enemy ship's broadside cannons highlight a red warning swath in your path. Hold it until their guns are done firing and you, your crew, and even the ship, will take significantly less damage. Once you get good at maneuvering, there will be times when you can evade fire by upping your speed and moving out of the warning swath in time. Naval battle takes good timing and positioning, but it's a lot easier once the ship is upgraded. Until then you may want to stick to the north waters and take on Schooners one at a time. Keep in mind swivel guns don't need be fired right after hull damage is made. Often times you're better off firing your cannons, then timing a brace while they fire back, then using the swivel guns. Also, after getting in a well aimed cannon shot, up your speed to clear your cannon smoke. Otherwise it's very hard to see your target.

On controls in general, I did play a bit on my friend's PS4, so I know there's a bit of frustration if you try to steer Edward too much via the thumb sticks. The game is a bit forgiving in the regard that the camera will stay behind your character fairly well, but not with super quick realignment. What I'm saying is it can take pacing on some of the missions where you have to tail targets on foot out of sight. Try not to panic and force the pace. On gamepads that can result in accidentally running into and clinging to things a lot, like ladders, railings, etc.

Well that's it for now, if you have any other questions, just ask.