View Full Version : The Playstation 3 exclusive mission for Black Flag and overall multiplayer in Black.

01-06-2014, 12:59 PM
Love it!

This is an improvement over the exclusive mission for AC3 because it had a greater variety of action and the short story was more interesting with three interesting characters. For a one hour side story, it did it's job well, it might not be as amazing as the main game itself but was a fun diversion. Aveline was so interesting I now plan to buy AC: Liberation HD, it wasn't the Liberation references in the main game or bit of paper in the game case that advetises it that made this decision for me, it was this one hour mission that made me enjoy returning back to the setting of AC III.

In addition to that, I think the multiplayer is a large improvement over the previous installments, it felt more accessible (I am unsure why but it might be to do with the vast amount of match options that allow everyone to find something they like), as a very unique experience this is important for those new to the franchise as there is nothing else quite like that to draw experience from. For example, when I played Battlefield it was easy to pick up and play due to similarities to Call of Duty but you don't have that with the multiplayer experience here which is why making it accessible is important. There are still issues though. I feel the multiplayer is still a bit daunting to new players however that do not have a full ability loadout. Levelling up should give players extra options but not better class customisation and that is the problem when someone new to the game doesn't even have a kill streak reward and other missing components of an ability loadout set.