View Full Version : ACBF - Lost connection to host

01-05-2014, 11:06 PM
Hello! i have clear win8, have open green NAT in game and in options list. But i always see this message in random place and time (lobby, first minutes in session game, etc) "Lost connection to host". So i want to play normaly. It is possible? Because Now i can't. It's unreal.
Location: Russia, Saint-Petersburg
ISP: Rostelecom
p.s. i buy static ip one week ago, when try play most lovely multiplayer in AC Brotherhood (still can not). and now i buy "black flag" and what? nothing. it's really annoying! Please help me, if problem may be on ISP side (why NAT is ok?), tell me what i should asking their? Give me game server adresses to tracert or what they need..