View Full Version : Crash AC4 before playing

01-05-2014, 08:59 PM
Hi everyone, I don't know if it's a french forum or an english forum so i'll try to write english.

So when I start my game everything is ok but when I click on my profile a message appear telling me that:

"AC4BFSP.exe a cessé de fonctionner, un problème a fait que le programme a cessé de fonctionner correctement. Windows va fermer ce programme et vous indiquer si une solution est disponible"

I tried to change graphics options but it didn't work.

Waiting for you answers, thank you.

01-05-2014, 09:20 PM
Hi everyone,

I have this same problem with my ASUS P8P67 Pro Rev 3.1 system.

When I start the program in single player mode I get "ac4bfsp.exe has stopped working" Windows error message right after the program crashes. If I try to start in multi player the same thing happens but I get "ac4bfmp.exe has stopped working".

I have an I5-2500K, two GTX-670s in SLI, 16GB Ram and Windows 8.1 64 bit. I am running Direct X 11. All my other games and programs are working perfectly. Device Manager shows all devices are working with no errors.

I tried everything I could think of and all the google suggestions for this problem with no help.

A Google search shows many other players are having this same problem. I tried three times to put in a ticket but it never get a number.

Also waiting on answer, Thank you.

01-06-2014, 10:26 PM
Possible fix : Try to change your mouse usb port or another mouse and the game run again normaly without errors.I think that its a bug or compatibility issues.

01-09-2014, 12:20 PM
Hello, I tried your option mitsaras_78 but it doesn't worked yet. The strange thing is that I was able to play until now and I don't know why it happens. I've never changed my mouse ou my keyboard so I don't know...

Still hoping for another possible fix to this issues, thank you for your understanding.