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01-05-2014, 08:30 PM
I have the PC version and I bought it when it first came out however got stuck at the Printer( tunnel) mission with Sam Adams. It brings me to a door I cannot pick the lock. I basically got bored and gave up. Now I have AC BF bit I need to finish 3 first cause of my frickin OCD ! So I made a new profile and started new but still got to same point and cant pick this particular lock. I can go no further in the game . SUPER frustrating! I did see a vid on youtube that said you can't pick this lock unless you have the gun from seq. 6?? This sux. I've seen all the walk throughs and I'm doing it exactly. My guess was i could't pick that lock untill I did something else first so I did every single side mission /hunting mission it would let me. In the kneedeep snow lol. Bored. I cant move on to anything.

AC owned completed
AC II owned completed
AC Botherhood owned Completed
AC Rev owned Completed
AC 3 30% and deadend[/SIZE]

01-05-2014, 09:30 PM
I've played through the game 3 times and started a 4th but put it on hold to work on something else. Never had an issue with the tunnels outside of getting annoyed with one part where I had to climb and jump to another wall at just the right point. Sure you're at the right door? Picking the lock is no different from picking chests. Same mechanic. There's no gun needed for that particular quest since you don't even have a gun yet. Try to go down a different tunnel and see if maybe you're just at the wrong door. The tunnels are pretty labyrithy. There's 10 doors in Boston and 11 in New York, if I recall, so possible you just went to the wrong door. Use eagle vision and listen to what Adams is telling you. If I remember right, he tells you where to go. If you feel he led you astray (which Revere seems to do as well), just wander around the funnels. You're bound to find a door that works at some point. You should be able to pick up about half of the tunnel entrances without a gun.

You can also try to do as much of the tunnels as you can while still on Haytham since he does have a gun which might also save you some exploring on Connor. I did some of the tunnels on Haytham in my third playthrough but couldn't get them all due to some areas being blocked off ... or just I got bored running around the tunnels with him. Been almost a year since I did that. I know you can at least get a few tunnel entrances with Haytham. Believe you might be able to get all of the Boston entrances on Haytham but I'm not sure.

Find a map of the tunnels if that helps you navigate. Certainly helped me my first time through them. Ubisoft isn't so vicious as to have you go to an area you can't access yet because you don't have something you need to get there.

01-05-2014, 10:21 PM
Yea, weird I may have to re-install. I have explored every bit of the tunnels I can without a gun ( some areas need a barrel to be exploded)Opened many many doors including picking all the other locks. I cannot get to NY or anywhere else in the game. I must of spent An hour trying to pick this stupid door lock. If no- one has heard of this being a glitch than I have no idea what's wrong.