View Full Version : AC3 Stuck at seq. 5 Underground tunnels

01-05-2014, 07:50 PM
I have the PC version and I bought it when it first came out however got stuck at the Printer mission with Sam Adams. It brings me to a door I cannot pick the lock. I basically got bored and gave up. Now I have AC BF bit I need to finish 3 first cause of my frickin OCD ! So I made a new profile and started new but still got to same point and cant pick this particular lock. I can go no further in the game . SUPER frustrating! I did see a vid on youtube that said you can't pick this lock unless you have the gun from seq. 6?? This sux. I've seen all the walk throughs and I'm doing it exactly. My guess was i could't pick that lock untill I did something else first so I did every single side mission /hunting mission it would let me. In the kneedeep snow lol. Bored.

AC owned completed
AC II owned completed
AC Botherhood owned Completed
AC Rev owned Completed
AC 3 30% and deadend