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01-05-2014, 03:10 PM
Ok, here are the things I want to discuss.

I usually save my games in portable USB drivers so I can play my favorite games in multiple PCs other than a desktop at my home.

Sadly, this option does not apply for our Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag.

I once used a cracked version of AC 4 from 'thePiratesBay' and I know this is very shameful and I'm reflecting this on myself.

In the end, I purchased the legitimate version of AC 4 from Ubisoft shop and enjoying the multi-player game and Kenway's Fleet and many other aspects.

But I CAN NOT play AC 4 in other PCs except my desktop at home unless I re-install the new Uplay Launcher and re-download the whole stupid 22.3 GB of game in the PC where I want to play(I want to remind you that when re-installed, it runs well. There are no problems with the performance of PC itself). This re-downloading process takes about 40 mins to 80 mins to finish and it drives me crazy.

When I put my USB drive in 'other PCs' and click 'Singleplayer' or 'Multiplayer' in Ubisoft launcher, it always tells me game is not properly installed and suggests re-installation. Oh yeah.

I guess it's because I'm missing the process like 'PunkBuster', 'Erasing old Game Explorer' that Ubisoft launcher goes through after 100% download of the game.

But it's super inefficient to re-download and re-install all those things just because I'm missing some trifle process mentioned above(Btw, cracked version worked well in any PCs. Gosh).

My Ubisoft account name, as you can see in my profile, is like 'guest-01VH....'. Stupid name from the start.

I didn't notice my account name being like this until I finished creating the account.

It's my fault that I did not check the account information before confirmation. I should have checked it. Yup.

But Ubisoft does not even let me to change the account name. What the heck? o,O

I can change my real name but not the account name.

If there is something I'm missing that can let me to change account name, please tell me.

01-05-2014, 10:48 PM
First Hi, welcome to the forum and please remove the parts about piracy as all comments will be removed, sorry it's a blanket rule and covers everything and TBH it is a good rule.

Glad you like the game there are a huge number of us who enjoy it. The saving to usb... I think it is something built in to prevent using other peoples saved games.... but if you save to cloud... wherever you play from you will be able to load from your last save.... although some have had a few teething problems with cloud saves .... many of us have not. So it's up to you. I think you can save it locally then change and save it to the cloud so if it goes down you will have 1 current game :D

As for your user name I think there are people on here who have changed user names so it must be possible... I think Frag_Maniac used to be Six_Gun... (and somehow he has recently only been able to log in with that name :confused:.... erm but it shows it can be done.