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01-05-2014, 02:07 PM
ubisoft plz make assassin's creed longer,bigger maps and plz stop killing every one i liked :nonchalance::nonchalance:

01-05-2014, 02:35 PM
ubisoft plz make assassin's creed longer,bigger maps and plz stop killing every one i liked :nonchalance::nonchalance:

I agree with making it longer. The cities were small due to the large Caribbean sea. As for stop killing everyone you liked, thats the point, to mess with your feels.

01-05-2014, 05:13 PM
I agree with making it longer. The cities were small due to the large Caribbean sea.
I actually didn’t mind the size of the cities. What really bothers me is how “disconnected” they feel. In AC there are:
- The story missions;
- The side missions;
- The cities.
What I mean is that, these three components feel very separated and individualized, which, in my opinion, ultimately renders the experience dull and “artificial”.

For example, the city itself, is almost completely devoid of life. If you want to do something, you have to go to that specific place in order to start a mission and, once it is over, the player’s interaction with both the city and its people ends (until the next mission).
If the cities felt actually alive instead of simply lively, the experience would feel much longer and much more intractable. Say, despite the small scope of the cities, if every random NPC was an actual civilian (with a life, a job, a few thoughts to share and some side quests) we could “loose ourselves” in the cities instead of “let’s go to that marker over there because that is where I can actually do something in this dull city”.
This way, random events (people getting mugged, Templars disguised as civilians, pursuers, etc.) could develop into full-fledged side missions without the need of a specific marker in the map. Just by exploring the city (talking to people, eavesdropping on citizens, tailing suspicious NPCs, etc.) the player would unlock side missions that would show the darker side of the city and it’s society (dangerous cults, Templars, corruption, conspiracies, etc.)
Also, if every NPC has an actual life, the simple act of spying on random civilians becomes an interesting activity (as their lives could vary from plain and hilarious, to dark and mysterious).

This would mix side missions with random events and with the actual city (especially if the interiors of the various buildings can be explored).
But I also think that it would be good to mix story missions with the world as well, so that the experience feels more glued and natural.

In short, this is my idea: in order to unlock a main mission, the player has to complete a set of side missions (5 for example) however, most side missions are tied to random events so, the player will have to complete a random event that leads to a side mission first, before being able to complete it. This way, and because there are no markers, the base of every side and main mission starts by exploring the cities.

Here’s an example of a previous post of mine where a random event develops into a side mission (I apologize for re-posting it so many times but I just didn’t feel like creating another example that explains the same idea):

While in free-roam, by using shadow/light stealth, the player could approach a random group of NPCs, talking to each other, undetected. Then, if the player so desires, he can stick around and eavesdrop on the conversation. This would trigger a random event where, the NPCs would start talking about possessing a treasure or some valuables hidden inside their house. After completing the eavesdropping, the player could tail that NPC and discover the location of said house. In order to avoid detection, as well as a conflict with an innocent person, the player could break in (by entering through an open window or by pickpocketing the NPC's key. Once inside, the player would find his way to the valuables and steal them. In some cases, among the valuables, there could be a letter that would mention the person who gave those valuables to the NPC and the reasons behind it. It could be, for example, that the NPC was working for a Templar and the valuables were in fact a reward for some job. This would lead to an assassination mission (previously locked) where the objective is to eliminate the Templar threat.

Anyway, it's not really the size of the cities that would make the experience "longer" but the actual amount of content in them and the way it is connected (so that the player can't just rush the experience by following every marker on the map and is compelled to take his time to properly explore the city and connect with the people that live in it).

01-05-2014, 05:47 PM
bigger cities are pointless if you don't have meaningful content to add into them or don't properly use their space, I much prefer AC1/2 style with several small/medium size cities than ACB's with one big city...

AC1 IMO was the game that made the best usage of its cities space with each new assassination happening in a new district of the city, the non-intrusive animus walls (put in the districts borders) made sure to keep the cities fresh each new time time we visited them...

01-06-2014, 12:41 PM
^Yeah.. I'd prefer several smaller but completely distinct cities than one huge one (ACB/ACR style.)