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01-04-2014, 07:51 PM
<edited>.....playing this game and thoughts on future ideas...
I love the fact that the people have back stories and stuff...it's interesting history.
I want to suggest....Ubisoft and all employed do a fantastic job, it's AAA afterall.
Everybody loves Victorian Britain, cause it's such a world moving era in world history. Capitalism and corruption were paramount to being a blood sucking success.....kinda like it still is today.
I've heard that people like this idea, with 'buzz' stuff throwed in like, Darwin, Jack the ripper, Queen Victoria and Charles ****ens......Yup, it's a great narrative, to be sure. However, it's before 'cars' and just after the 'black flag' stories so I think it's got purchase (pun intended).
However, I think ubisoft and the writers, designers and all should give themselves a brief rest and reuse maps.
I like the idea of the game, pretty much following the same format but then spin offs.....with the stuff we all love, like hints a witchcraft, demons and even 'aliens'(I said it).
Even crazy fun stuff, like Dr.who making an appearance (that could be a full game, copyright allowing lol)....or STAR trek.....basically....pop culture and what we all enjoy.
Who thinks this is too much......
Lets face it, an Assassin Creed, where we ygo from all previous time periods would also have credibility;D........shirken versions of maps for that one though.

This game has so many possibilities, it's krazy dude!!

Say what you feel. Join in. What do YOU think geezer?

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01-05-2014, 08:28 AM
Watch the language, this is an all ages forum. You can find the forum rules posted at or near the top of every forum, including this one (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/663799-Forum-Rules). I suggest you read them and learn them if you wish to continue posting.

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For a moderator your social skills are appalling!

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For a moderator your social skills are appalling!

You evidently didn't see the unedited OP. It was inappropriate.