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01-04-2014, 06:15 PM
Hi guys :o

I'm a new user here, but have been lurking the forums ever since Back Flag was announced. Only now I have decided to create a profile to use on the forums, join in and share a little bit of my Assassin's Creed experience. Obviously these are my opinions and I don't mean to offend anyone with them.

I suspect this will be a long post, so for anyone who cares, here it is. I hope I don't flop.

I have been hearing about the first AC ever since it came out, but I had never really checked it out. I was a big Tomb Raider fan and that was pretty much the only series I played. Now, Tomb Raider will always have my interest, but once I started to dislike its newer games, I decided to give the first AC a try. That was back in 2010.

I played the first few sequences and it was so different than what I thought it would be. I had no ideia about the present day plot, so that was surprising. I actually thought the game was glitching at first, with the blue background, the different sounds playing and Altair walking into nothing. I loved the atmosphere, I loved the gameplay, I was impressed with the horse riding and everything. I hated that there were no subtitles (I'm brazilian so it was hard to follow that amount of conversations), and I also hated that style of cutscenes with fixed angles and whatnot. I liked the game but didn't bother to play all of the optional investigation missions, as I only wanted to advance.

Once I had killed the first 3 targets, I started to count. "Only 6 to go". "Only 5 to go". "I cannot believe there's still 4 to go". "My Dear God, another 3 ahead of me". I felt the game was leading nowhere and I dropped it without any kind of regret and never wanted to play it again. A friend of mine kept saying that I should give the series another try by playing AC2 first. I hate doing that and I didn't want to continue the first game, so I never really bothered.

In 2012, I was bored and tried AC2. First, I watched ACI's cutscenes on Youtube so I could have an ideia of where it lead (it was tedious as ****). Then, I started playing the sequel and I loved it. I had never seem such a step foward like that. I was in awe with the game. Ezio's story left such in impact on me that I had never felt that way with a character before. I didn't even know his family was going to be murdered so that was a shock. I played through the story missions, then moved to Brotherhood's story missions, then moved to Revelations. I was playing in such a hurry, such a linear way, because I wanted to see it end. I was completly drown on it.

So yeah. I'm one of those who skiped the first game and thinks AC2 is probably the best thing ever created. Nothing has managed to capture the feeling of that game to me.

Brotherhood is just pure fun, and that beggining in the Villa is certainly a stand out. With Revelations, I have a weird relationship. When I think about it, I don't hate anything on it (apart from Den Defense, that was crap). The story is beautifully written. It has Darby's simplicity on it, which he does so well. The city is gorgeous and it's structure is complex and rich, altough the stupid river in the middle holds my gameplay a little. The characters are good. So I don't know why I don't really like it. It's a good game, it has beautiful moments, but for some reason, it's my least fave.

By the time I ended playing Ezio's trilogy, AC3 was just released so I had to grab that. I wasn't aware of all the hype surrounding the game, so I went into it knowing barely nothing. Once I again, I just did the main story (I think I ended with a 36% completion). I thought the game was cute. I wasn't that good of a player so once I reached that sequence where you have to cross the battlefield (died-every-time), I quit.

Tomb Raider was released, I played it (meh), and then decided to go back to AC3. I didn't remember how to play it properly so I just went throught it, finished it and that was it. Black Flag was already announced.

That's when I somehow had this bold ideia (I'm a casual, remember that) to replay the entire series, but play it right this time. I really dove into it.

I finished AC1 in a blink of an eye, doing everything possible. I appreciate that plot so much now, the dialogue was so beautiful and the entire atmosphere is trully special. As far as an AC goes, not one of them matched the true concept of the series as this one. It's such a shame this masterpiece was held back by repetitive gameplay. You have to really embrace it to enjoy it. I don't think Ubisoft knew how much of a cash cow, I mean, a sucessfull series this would turn out to be for them. Otherwise, I'm sure they would develop Altair even more, instead of adding more character though spinoffs and books to mend his lack of in-game development. It's there, it's just very basic.

AC2 somehow got better on my second playthrough. I think knowing the characters in advance made me appreciate them even more. As I played slowly, I read every bit of info that made this a richer experience. Same with Brotherhood, it just got better. My opinion on Revelations didn't change, but I was truly an AC fan now.

Now: Unpopular Opinion #1. I love AC3. I love Ubisoft's approach of telling stories of different people, and in my opinion they nailed Connor's character on AC3 (I tend to ignore everything a person says as soon as they write Conner).

Sure, the game has its fair share of problems, bugs, tedious sequences and an unimpressive cast of supporting characters, with a few exceptions. But when it impressed me, it trully did. Connor's inocence, ideals and agressive behaviour is just perfect for him. His dialogues with Haytham are unmatched.

Nothing in the series had such strong dialogues like the ones written for AC3. Time and time again I'm caught up on it. You can see Haytham's experience working against Connor's inocence on that amazing dialogue where the Templar's goals are put in such a clear perspective. "Freedom is an invitation to chaos" trully got me. Needles to say the main plot regarding the revolution didn't really make me excited, but the personal struggles is what really got me. When the game ended, I kept thinking about Connor's life a lot. How everything he fought for didn't lead to where he thought it would. That, combined with the amazing music, gives me an impression that lasts until today. I don't even mind those atroucious sequences on Brazil - I know my country has its poor communities but I don't think everyone dress, talk and walk like that lol. I also don't feel like another game with Connor is needed, I think he has already come full circle.

And to end this, Unpopular Opinion #2: I don't really think Black Flag is so amazing, which leads me to Unpopular Opinion #3: I'm starting to think that I don't really like Darby's writting. Don't get me wrong, I really had a lot of fun with Black Flag. It's just that nothing on it really touched me in a way the other ones did. Darby's story is, once again, beautiful and very round. But once it ended, I couldn't help but thinking "oh, ok. Cute.... That was it, then."

I think Edward had a lot of potential there but something held him back IMO. I don't think his growth was really captured by the game, I couldn't give a crap about the templars and I thought the assassins were incredibly stupid, careless and confused. It was also the first time I got really bugged by a major plot hole resulted from cut content, which is the dialogue between Edward and El Tribufu or whatever he is called. I seriously cannot understand how they let this pass.

I honestly love the begining of the game, when Edward is getting in touch with Assassins/Templars. And I also love the final sequences, starting with the prison, when he is getting in touch with them again. But the middle sequences, the ones where everything is just another day in a pirate life (grab Medicine! stop the fall of Nassau!), I didn't feel the game had anything to do with anything. I just felt like Revelations again: it's beautiful but I don't connect with it for some reason. The dialogue is very well written but not once I felt it was impressive neither it made me think about it.

I read someone saying on another post here that Edward is probably the purest assassin of them all, because by the end of the game, he realizes that's where he belongs. He found himself there, instead of being thrown into it. That was such a gorgeous way to put it, I wish the game explored this a little better, because as soon as this happens, the game ends. Perhaps if the plot was more Creed-oriented, It would leave me a bigger impact. I also know I would just cry as a little baby if they included a playable epilogue with Edward's home invasion. That would certainly be unbeatable.

At the end, once I had all the fun, I realized the whole game was like a huge manual to its side missions. Those were great but I expected the main plot to be bigger than side activities. Oh, and collecting animus fragments on those tiny useless islands was also annoying. I hit my ship on the rocks everytime just so I wouldn't need to swim much. OH, and dear crew, I'm the captain and I didn't not let you move the Jackdaw away from the island, thank you. :rolleyes:

Also, technically, AC4 it's just a big mess like AC3 was. Plaged with bugs. The stealth is just as broken, a thousand times I created hell in front of an army and they didn't give a damn about me. Sure, it's not as frustrating as walking down the street and suddenly be caught by infinite guards running towards me for no reason. But it still breaks immersion. And has anyone tried to go back to AC3 after 4? What the hell happened to animations on Black Flag? They don't seem to flow, they are very very very jerky. I didn't even notice until I went back and realized how much more beautiful they were. That was a bit weird.

I'm not saying that I hate it, though. I just don't think it's that much of a big step forward as critics say. I still love the series, I'm not opposed to changes at all (I actually love the hability of the series to reinvent itself) and I can't wait for the next ones. I am honestly amazed everytime I realize that, at parts, it does Tomb Raider better than Tomb Raider (and Black Flag holds its own against Uncharted for a few moments).

One more thing, does anyone else think the reveal CGI has little to do with the game, lol? Edward is far from the souless devil Blackbeard describes, it's his morals that actually make him interesting and relatable to the creed. And he looks quite different too.

As far as DLC goes: DaVinci is as great as Brotherhood is. Tyranny is one of the most horrible AC experiences I ever had, I couldn't wait for it to end so I could be done with it. Superpowers were not my cup of tea AT ALL, but at least it prevented me from touching the ground. I usually like walking and living the cities but I couldn't because the guards were just too much all the time. Freedom Cry was awesome, I hope they explore more characters like this. It had some pretty good sequences that rivaled the main game too. It felt focused and pretty.

Anyway, I know not everyone (if anyone) will read this. I just wanted to introduce myself before starting posting. Forgive me if I offended anyone's opinions, that was not I wanted. I'm just very passionate about the series and this is pretty much everything I wanted to say about it lol :o