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01-04-2014, 01:46 PM
UBI's pronunciation is wrong. This arabic's pronunciation is "aṭ-ṭāʾir ibn lā ʾaḥad". ط is sun letter. not moon letter.

Thus, not AL. It's very important to arabic grammer.

and one more, "ibn la ahad" means son of no one. Really? Altair doesn't have father? And what is Darim ibn la-ahad. His name must be Darim ibn aṭ-ṭāʾir .

I recommend UBI's culture part to research about how arabics take the meaning of "emptiness of exist", "lapsed exist"

UBI must study and research hard before using other nation's culture for makeing a game. Ironically, The Assassins are guardians of diversity of culture, cease conflicts through the understanding,but UBI doesn't like their game's motto.

01-04-2014, 02:34 PM
Tomato, tomatho.

01-04-2014, 04:02 PM
You're now nearly 7 years too late and this is already something people are aware of.

1.) Ubisoft's aware of it but at this point, it's useless to correct it just for a small part of the audience who recognize it as an error. Easier to just ensure anyone else added from the region is correct going forward and leave Altair alone because he is such a staple figure in the franchise.
2.) Assassin's Creed was invented by a Canadian (or was he French? Non-Arabic anyway). Altair's pronunciation and the misunderstanding about the name structure is an honest mistake. In truth, you can probably blame the name on the lack of information regarding name structure or the series creator just chose to toss it out the window to more Europeanize Altair to make him more appealing. I've been looking up various tribal Native American names. I've found very little that's authentic available online. So am I to be attacked due to the lack of information if I choose to put an authentic Native American (such as another Mohawk or a Cherokee) into my story only to find out I screwed up? Lack of information so if more was available, maybe I wouldn't have. I have no intention of hiring some authentic speaker of the language of the tribe I decide to work with for a simple story. I work with what's available. There were fewer resources back when AC1 was being researched so, again, the name structure is an honest mistake ... that the writer for Revelations didn't really think to look into. Or whoever created Altair's sons anyway.
3.) Altair was originally voiced by an American (or was he Canadian?) before being given a more authentic Arabic voice actor by Revelations.
4.) Often names are butchered when out of their original land. Over time, they morph into something else. Peter, Pierre, Petrov. Henry, Heinrich. Richard, Ries. William, Guilliame, Gustov. Ann/Anne, Antje. Many other examples are also available.
5.) You complain about Altair, but not Haytham? Haytham's pronounced wrong, too. Excuse there is Haytham's English as is his father (well, Welsh :p).
6.) Accents can often omit letters (such as the case with French) or add letters that were never there to begin with (such as an American southern accent).

If you had made the complaint in 2007 when AC1 first came out, perhaps Ubisoft could've taken it into consideration for later and changed the pronunciation, but now people recognize Altair by the pronunciation given in AC1 despite it being wrong. Changing it now (even if it's just a slight change) could result in a bigger uproar than those calling for it to be fixed. It's just not worth the effort. It's in the past and Altair's part gets smaller every game. Won't be that long before he's just a footnote in the Animus database never to be mentioned vocally again.

Perhaps if the names were romanized phonetically instead of the way they were, the pronunciations would be more correct. Unfortunately, things are often lost in translation. In the case of Altair (and Haytham), people are basing their pronunciation off what they see first. The VAs I doubt have an Arabic language expert on hand to tell them how something's pronounced. People see Altair and see the L so pronounce it. If you really have a problem with that, I suggest you avoid France since many people butcher the silent letters. Or avoid Illinois in America. The "s" is not pronounced and yet people insist on saying it. Same with Arkansas. Look at how Haytham butchers Ziio's name and is never given a chance (as far as we're aware) to pronounce Connor's native name. People often butcher a language they're unfamiliar with.

Simply put: what's done is done and it ain't changing. Either ignore it since it's such a tiny part of the series these days or find another game. Perhaps you can make your own website on the Arabic language. Teach others how words are pronounced, names are structured, etc. Try to correct the mistake going forward and teach others. We can't change the past, but we can learn from mistakes and not make them again going forward.

01-04-2014, 04:47 PM
Orelov isnt a valid family name either.

01-05-2014, 01:00 AM
I like to think of him as son of no one.... reborn when he became an assassin.... perhaps that is what the devs intended, in which case it is correct.