View Full Version : Ideas, Multiplayer Ranking, Abstergo Credits, in game customs and Team Placements

01-03-2014, 01:35 PM
So far the ranking for AC IV is very well done (in most cases) with the ranking by making a lot of ranks to go through and unlike a lot of games today requires skill to a degree allowing you to gather points faster than the less skillful. My second statement goes onto Abstergo Credits. They are alright because you have to spend forever earning them but need to savor them because it takes forever to get them. This also contributes to the character and ability customization. These hard to earn points are vital to your simulation survival and strategical advantage. Lastly the team placements. WHO DESIGNED THE SYSTEM!!! I am always put with a bunch of idiots who cannot tell that defending objective A is a vitality. They are just so bloody dumb and disguising as you walk into an objective is just an insult. I think that team placements need to be better prepared because being put on a team of my own, the lowest number or a bunch of idiots is insulting. Any opinions are welcome about what you think of the multiplayer experience in a total. Nothing I also hate more than joining in the middle of a game...

A Florence DLC allowing us to have characters and mostly the maps from Brotherhood. Nothing will ever beat those.