View Full Version : What exactly does the season pass contain? "Additional single-player missions"?

01-02-2014, 07:40 PM
What exactly does the season pass contain?

Im mainly asking about the separate mention of "additional single-player missions". Does it just mention the Freedom Cry again? Or does it mean the 3 islands (Sacrifice Island, Black Island, Mystery Island) you get from Deluxe Edition? Or is it something else?

What Ive gathered from Ubiblog, store pages etc.

The Season Pass will include:
* Freedom Cry – The 9 mission Adewale DLC
* Kraken Ship Pack – Ship customization
* Additional single-player missions, weapons, skins and collectibles - What exactly is this, especially the additional missions part?
* New multiplayer characters - Self explanatory

01-03-2014, 08:45 AM
Well, I ordered the season pass and the most basic retailer game edition. So for me, the additions are 3 high money gain chests on three locations (these locations are probably basic content) and Sacrifice Island (where you get an outfit, a sword set and pistol set).

That's all I noticed, since I bought the Season pass straight away, I can't tell for sure what was already in the basic version and what were the DLCs

So you get one of each, which is sadly enough to suffice the the promissed content:
* Additional single-player missions (Sacrifice Island), weapons (1 sword and 1 pistol set), skins (1 outfit) and collectibles (3 high gain chests).

Yes I know that the announcement states the items/events in PLURAL, but I wouldn't hold my breath...
However, I am naive so I do hope that's not it though and that more of these will be added later.

Perhaps someone else has more knowladge on this topic, these are my two cents :)