View Full Version : Assassins Creed: Black Flag's Multiplayer is once again half of what it should be

01-02-2014, 06:14 PM
I love the multiplayer a game focused on killing your enemies as stealthy as possible is great but the more I play it the more I come to hate major parts of the game:

Whispers - Why are these still here? They are an extremely stupid edition to the game. Audio feed back for when a pursuer is near. The pursuer could be invisible, and disguised but the whispers would happen and any noob can just bolt it straight away. It's terrible of terrible and really should not be in the game. Reward pursuers for good approaches and good blend and punish ill prepared targets

Abilities - When there was no range weapon slot this wasn't as bad, you'd only get a few scrubs using cheese such as Smoke Bomb - Poison and Smoke Bomb - Teleport but with the range weapon slot it gives even more cheese options such as Knives - Bodyguard which again in combination with whispers only screws over the person taking the time to play the game properly and not just run around. Plus, Simple deathmatch was removed... WHY?! we needed more simples such as simple wanted, simple manhunt etc not less bring them back and make many of them for the people that don't need abilities to drag them along

Poison - Close relation, Why is this still here? It's minimum skill maximum points even worse is Poison Dart where the same thing is at range... There is no counter to poison bar dying to somebody else or animus shield but good luck animus shielding poison you'd need to be clairvoyant to actually know when to do it

The new Abstergo Score ranks - Why does this go off winning or losing? I'm pretty sure I voice the frustration of all people who play team games well when you get a team of people that never played the tutorials when you're on 6k while they're on sub 2k. You lose the game with the highest score in the game and your ranking goes down by 60 because of somebody elses play and not my own, makes no sense make it score relevant not win/loss relevant and if someone joins a game late don't let it effect their score until they hit the top 3 at least

Spawning - The amount of times I've spawned next to a pursuer is uncountable, why do we spawn right in the middle of nowhere and stand still? It's extremely obvious to everyone. Is it impossible to spawn in the place of an old lookalikes position and follow its old pathing? That way we're not completely exposed and obvious for a while

Contract selection - I think the current system is The higher you are the more pursuers you obtain and the lower the less which I think is fair but I feel that instead it kind of gimps those who are getting a target with 3 other pursuers on it. Maybe it should be you only get a target in a higher position than you and the one in first will get a random in the top half? Maybe this wouldn't make it even harder for the people lower down the leader board

Determined - There is no reason not to have this perk when hunting and is extremely strong and quite over powered it probably needs a rework or removal as in my opinion it's quite a game breaker.

Animus Hack - Not Minor Hack, Despite this being a very large kill streak obtaining it in modes like Artifact assault isn't too difficult and makes it even harder to grab the artifact ending the game either 1-0 or 0-0, not seen this in Black Flag as finding team game modes is very slow but it was the case in older versions.

Chase Triggers - What happened to them? They were good and punished poor approaches but now you can still get points for being a terrible assassin, Bring them back or make a failed approach 0 points and a poor approach 50, making people play the game properly

And thats almost all that I have on me right now, hopefully something changes for the better of the game

01-03-2014, 10:02 AM
Might I just say that all of these things (Bar Abstergo Rank, Spawning, and Contract selection) can be changed using the new Game Lab feature.

01-03-2014, 01:37 PM
Might I just say that all of these things (Bar Abstergo Rank, Spawning, and Contract selection) can be changed using the new Game Lab feature.

...and you can make every mode without abilities, like Simple Deathmatch in AC3.
...and you can remove wishpers and pulsations. Even the compass, if you want!