View Full Version : Reading about the Stealth Issue.

01-02-2014, 02:11 PM
One if you want to get technical only dignitaries and political figures get assassinated, perhaps well known pundits. Most kills are soldiers.
Mostly to address the stealth issue, the hidden blade can leave a trail of blood if you want to get down to it and this game has little of that.
Also, well, mass fear and crowd chaos can cause a shroud. Also, a coward's fear causes people to forget on preservation or sputter gibberish.

Now what is stealth like wearing a white hood in public killing people, it is not unique to any game in the series. Haytham and the french tart had the
best get up for blending. Or in the latter 3. Most subtle kill method was the poison dart, oddly enough still got noticed. Berserker perhaps, it's fun too
seeing them fight each other, not sure why the bell is counted against you in that case though.

A contract kill was likely the one thing assassination related ever and awarded stealth, well up to killing, noticed after death was no longer a concern.