View Full Version : MP Search Options Are Terrible

01-02-2014, 03:10 AM
All I want to do is play a few games of simple deathmatch (the only gametype that I have ever found remotely enjoyable), and this interface is leaving me feeling nothing short of helpless.

Looking past the fact that simple deathmatch is no longer even an option to choose from (and I cannot even begin to fathom why), but attempting to use Gamelab as a substitute feels like an effort in futility. Really, what's the point of including all these custom options if there is no way to search current custom games being played? You're telling me I have to make a gametype I enjoy and hope people join and don't quit on me or else get shoehorned into whatever gametype is available and just deal with it? Who in their right mind thought that would be a good idea?

Am I missing something here? I feel like this isn't a completely unfair grievance. As an returning AC multiplayer fan, I was very much looking forward to AC4's multiplayer building upon everything that came before it. But, instead, I find myself feeling like we were given a stripped down product - even despite all the shiny new features, bells and whistles that were preached about to us prior to launch.

I don't know. I just want to play simple deathmatch like I used to back in AC: Revelations and AC3 without having to deal with any other nuisances like creating the gametype from scratch and/or finding people who also want to play it with me. Is that really so much to ask?

01-04-2014, 10:26 PM
Not only u, me too, i want simple deathmatch back. I started already few posts here, about sdm, but i guess, this is senseless. Do u play on ps3? If yes, there is a simple deathmatch clan. Sadly we dont play much together, because everybody is living in a different timezone, but at least we could already create few sdm games in the gamelab. If u want to join, or just be my friend, so i can invite u, when we play next time, then please contact me.... PSN unbelievable79
But i miss it, to be able to play sdm, whenever i want. Just to switch ps3 on and to play. Now, i have to look, if someone is online, but mostly i dont find enough people for a lobby. And to play with 3 people in a lobby, doesn t make fun. But who knows, the clan is growing, maybe soon we will play more often. Otherwise, this was my last AC game.