View Full Version : Is U Play down? Or is this just some kind of stupid restriction?

01-02-2014, 12:57 AM
So about a week ago I bought AC2 and its sequels from the Steam sale and played them just fine at home in LA.

This week, I'm traveling in the Philippines, and when I try to fire up AC2 on my laptop, it says U Play unavailable?

What the hell is this?

On top of that, it's asking me to reenter my CD key/activation code, even though I already did that LAST WEEK when I played it for the first time. So what the hell is this? If I can't connect to U Play, I can't play my games?

There's nothing wrong with the Internet where I am (though it's admittedly a bit slower than what I'm used to), and my computer is brand new. This seems to be a problem SPECIFICALLY for AC2 on my computer, because my copy of AC Brotherhoood starts up just fine.