View Full Version : Need help unlocking mediterranian sea missions in ac4

01-01-2014, 12:53 PM
Can anyone tell me if there is a specific mission or action to unlock the med. sea? It and the British Isles remain locked, I just need that last treasure map for 100% completion and it's driving me mad.

Please help.

01-01-2014, 05:37 PM
It's a specific mission you need to complete to unlock those ports. If I remember correctly, it was a mission in Africa. Look for " ! " next to missions as they are new missions you haven't done yet.

ST7A Bad Karma
01-01-2014, 07:29 PM
There are specific missions that will have "unlocks XXX" next to the mission description. I can't recall the specific mission that starts unlocking the Med, just spend a bit more time reading the mission descriptions and look for the "unlocks" header.

Hope this helps.

01-02-2014, 01:47 AM
Yeah one of the african missions unlocked Galway (Ireland) today so hopefully the med. will soon follow. It's taken me longer to get this one % than it has to actually complete the games storyline.

Cheers for the help guys.