View Full Version : AC4 Loyalty outfits not unlocking on Xbox One?

Fuhrer Bryce
12-31-2013, 08:02 PM
So I bought AC4 for my xbox one and have played all assassins creed games to date.

All the games except for the original and revelations show up in my uplay account. The loyalty outfits (Altair, Ezio, Connor) wont unlock for me though.

I am connected to live of course and logged into my uplay on my xbox.

I contact Ubisoft support who did not help me at all - In fact they sent me here, to the forums and told me to wait it out. (Disappointed about that, not very good service).

Has anyone else had this issue? Did you get it fixed?

Thanks for your help!

01-08-2014, 10:17 AM
I have downloaded from Steam all the AC Saga (From AC1, to AC Black Flag, including Revelations, Brotherhood and Liberation HD), and according to the info ubisoft gave, If you synchorinze all your games to uplay, as long as you have played at least 3 of them long enough to make uplay recognize 1 achievement, the game will automatically unlock 3 special outfits for the single player campaign (Altair, Ezio an Connor outfits), but in my case, the outfits didn´t unlock at all, no one of them. So i tried to advance more in the game to see if that unlocs them, but nothing happened, then i tried to connect to the other online services (Multiplayer, AC Ininiates, Kenway´s Fleet, etc.) and i did it without any other problem to consider, so i contacted ubisoft support and told them my issue but they just told me that it was a bug, so i found it usseful to report this on this forum too. (By the way i've been reading the formus and according to them, if youre playing on a XBox or a PS, these is a way to solve it, you only need to unlink your account, and link it back, and voila!!! problem solved, but in PC you can´t do this so.. i hope someone read this and really trye to fix this out)