View Full Version : Questions, comments, and concerns from a newbie

12-31-2013, 03:49 PM
I'm new here, and I'm sure there have been a billion posts about what should be changed about black flag. If there's an active one, could I have a link. And, how good are AC1, AC2, ACB, and ACR compared to 3 & 4. I legitly started on 3 and I just ordered the Ezio trilogy and AC1 from Gamestop yesterday. I also have Liberation pre-ordered on PS store.
Is there going to be any more major DLC coming out? I really won't be too happy if I spent $20 on Freedom Cry and some sails and figureheads.
And for you experts, how exactly did you defeat the El Impoluto on AC4? I got rid of the HMS Prince and that La Dama Negra pretty easily, but I've been trying the Impoluto and been badly smoked. It's just too darn fast and its round shot seems to be able to shoot twice as far as mine. The only thing I've gained out of this is that I'm now better with fire barrels.
For comparing the games, I usually like games no matter how bad they are, except I hated the glitch on the infamy before you went to attack Arnold. I legitly got into the middle of the fort while only being able to walk after that stupid glitch kicked in.
Once I get AC1 and the Ezio trilogy, I'm going to do all the games in order, including re doing AC3 and AC4, so I better get everything. I was really confused when I just jumped into 3.
And just a random question that I think I might be crazy for asking.
I play AC3 often, and I have one of my saves as Connor done with all main missions, and I have one as Haytham. I notice Haytham has more of a refined sword repertoire, while Connor uses force. When I redeemed Uplay points for the Ezio suit, I felt like Connor was sword fighting differently when he was wearing the ezio suit, but I'm just not really sure at this moment. Thanks in advance, I hope I get my answers.