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12-31-2013, 02:16 PM
Black Flag was a 4/5 game for me. It's the best one of the AC games I have played (1st, Brotherhood, Revelations and Black Flag). To start with, it was the only game that didn't bug at some point of the story causing the game to lag furiously for the rest of my PS3 lifetime. Fair warning: this text might contain minor spoiler related to what you'll feel like in most parts of the game. I'll try my best not to spoil stories.

Here's a resume of everything in case you don't feel like reading stuff. Just please think twice before commenting in case you disagree with the numbers alone and not the entire text.

Resuming the SP feedback:
4.3 out of 5 for performance and good graphics. No lagging for my case, no loading problems. Just a lot of saving but that's a bug we'll discuss in the next feedback.
3.8 out of 5 for the story as it was way too emotional and not so mind blowing.
4 out of 5 for the difficulty. The fighting system is very nice, but one only dies if a serious mistake is made.
4 for the stealth system. There were some points I'd be hiding in a bush and my head would be completely out, and yet the guy wouldn't see me. Also, no problem in running from a bush to another.
5 out of 5 for Kenway's fleet.
5 out of 5 for ships system.
5 out of 5 for the optional objectives system, as well as the feedback system. I call it missions system but I should specify everything and not let it be confused with the story.
4 out of 5 for the design system. I'm not being fair with you guys on this one because the new Animus design was awesome, I really liked it. I'm just butthurt because I miss the old one too much.
4.9 out of 5 for the Soundtrack (Where's the Animus Machine-like song tho...?)

Resuming the Multiplayer feedback:
5 out of 5 for gameplay style.
4 out of 5 for community.
5 out of 5 for designs and graphics.
2 out of 5 for performance. Not my PS3's fault. No wars here please.
1 out of 5 for bugs/hacks.
2 out of 5 for servers.
4 out of 5 for Wolfpack.
4.5 out of 5 for Game Lab.
5 out of 5 for immersive Abstergo environment.
4 out of 5 for Abilities.
0 out of 5 for support and control over our own stuff.

Single Player feedback:
The story was nice. I loved the way you guys created Abstergo Entertainment as a corporation and so on. But I got a ****ty feeling when I realized I was more interested in the Present Day story than the actual game story. And the ending was ****ing ridiculous. Not concluding. Sure, I should have learned something after all these AC games but seriously, that was a fail, you should actually have concluded the Abstergo story instead of leaving it for us to imagine. Maybe I missed something, if that's the case sorry I'm just stupid. Back to the actual game story, the ships are amazing, ship battle was very well planned. Easy, but well planned. La Dama Negra was not tho. I mean, new ideas to make a ship tough? Armour 90% of it. It's like McDonald's adding bacon to make a sandwich better.
The new combat system is in fact somewhat easy but I can't complain about it myself. I liked that. I mean, if someone is bad in gaming and plays AC IV then keeps dying it actually ruins the interest in the story and such. Adding the classic "Difficulty setting" would simply screw things up. I like how AC doesn't need that.
The map was awesome. It had lots of things and tiresome activities that kept me busy BUT always kept in my mind that those guys actually worried about every detail. Now here's an idea: I don't like the idea of making the platinum process even more tiring, but I don't like the fact that, for example I don't get a trophy for looting all chests, finishing every resource out of every location. While that is really unnecessary, you could possibly try something like adding one of those "plus content" trophies for that right?
Like, no need to beat our entire map for a platinum but you do get a two silver and a gold plus trophy if you beat all those chests, treasure maps, letters, taverns, shanties, animus fragments (for god's sake I see absolutely NO POINT for those, probably because I didn't get all of them yet), secrets, stellas and so so on). I might be wrong also considering the game has its own online features but I am more interested in being classified in the PS Network instead of the Ubi network. And here's our next point.
I do intend to work with those things in the future and for sure what I loved (and love) the most in programming are databases and login processes. I'm sure you guys already know that so please don't take this as an insult. Everything nowadays is being simplified, Facebook can be used to bypass any login process and whenever we see some website that requires us to login and doesn't support some other way to skip those process we usually thing lowly about that website. I'm talking too much again, look: I hated the way you guys force people to sync their accounts with your UPlay stuff in order to play properly. Sure, it does bring one hell of a load of benefits but these features don't feel finished, it doesn't feel actually ready to be released right away, it's absolutely buggy, and it screws up the Multiplayer completely. A feature I'd have loved about all this online interaction should be the leaderboards. I'd love to be sure there are tons of people who are better than me in the game, or that I'm one of the best players (lol), but not even that works properly. I mean, when the game was out for a month, there was already a bunch of people who had maxed ships sunk, people killed and bla bla. Maxed by the java limit of course. I don't have anything against a legit gamer who spends his life sinking 2,147,483,647 ships to show off. Now in 30 days? That's 71,582,788 ships a day, 2,982,616 ships an hour, 49,710 ships a minute, about 830 ships every second. And that's only for ships, you still have to kill about the same amount of people every second, as well as oh seriously **** it. That's leet pro gaming right there. I already commented the ship battle system but not the actual ship system. It's very well made. I like the upgrades, the prices, the environment, I don't like the riding (driving? no one cares) -- sailing system. I DON'T like the damned vision we get when we use the travel speed. Doesn't feel realistic. Always remind me of PS1 games actually don't ask me why. Also, the crew system should be improved. I wouldn't care if I attacked a Man o' War and stayed there just watching my men die in order to, I dunno, get achievements or whatever. There should be some kind of friendship between you and your crew, they should be involved in the storyline. One guy alone did that. And only in two moments: the beginning and the ending.
Now for those who are crying and squirming about the story being brainless and stuff: I agree. It's emotional but it's just a family story. By the chapter 9 I saw that one coming. I can see that in any movie I want. It's not that unique ASSASSIN story. It's the story of a PIRATE who got involved with the actual ASSASSINS. I would always think, by the end of the AC games I played, "That guy is cool". By the end of this game I thought "That guy is lucky". The thing I saw the most here was the mechanics of relationships between me (in Edward's skin) and the various ways I can get screwed by people as well as screw them with some strong lucky plot twist. That's not bad. That's cool. The bad part is that you focused just so much on those people around Edward in order to make them take a nice part in Edward's story that you forgot to make Edward take a nice part in his own story. Not enough mistery, too. Cliffhangers. And a lot of focus changing. It's nice if you use it moderately. But that was not the case. Alright I turned back in the subjects so much and I apologize for that. I'm writing what comes to my head.

Edit: Finally, this game was awesome. The story was cool this time. Just please don't do pirates again :)

Now the Multiplayer. I love the Multiplayer. Always loved it. I love the modes. Wanted is my favourite from the classics. I loved the new ones too, my favourite is the Artifact Assault one. However, you guys screwed on somethings here with the abilities. The abilities and perks are way too appealing now. When a low level meets a high level it's way too unbalanced. I know it's supposed to, what i mean is that it's WAY TOO MUCH. Like, if an experienced player gets a noob account and a noob player gets an advanced account, when both fight the noob one will win regardless as long as (s)he knows the basics. Your limited mode is a piece of sheet and you know that some players get stuck on it for no reason. It was my case, and since when I got out your multiplayer is nearly unplayable. And your lack of support is maddening. But let's leave this for the next feedback. Basically, at the beginning everything was perfect. Awesome MP. Awesome modes. Awesome community. Then, limited mode for a week. No support at all. Finally got out. MP constantly saving since then. Got it? Constantly. It saved even if I switched screens from the "Welcome to the Animus" to the "Personal Abilities" (the act of simply pressing L1/R1). Deleting game save data, profile, re-installing the game, formatting the PS3 (the 10 hrs full process) and none of my problems would get solved. I was already at the point of "What do you want from me?". It does not feel good having to depend on you guys to solve simple problems that happen for no reason at all. Considering my PS3 isn't the problem, what should I blame? Pretty sure my digital copy is not scratched and law doesn't (or shouldn't) allow corrupted games to be sold. Is it my PSN account? Even if so, I hope you guys don't expect players to find it normal to lose anything to play your games. So what's left is the link you guys force us to do with Uplay. Am I wrong? I mean, constantly saving which makes my game lag, my PS3 gets crazy with that yellow light and my gameplay continuously fails. Constantly getting kicked out of matches, lobbies, "disconnected from the host" happening more frequently than ever, and you guys offer me no option to unlink my accounts through my PS3. I have absolutely no control whatsoever about my profile data stored in my PSN account so I have to trust you about it not being corrupted or something. It really doesn't feel like that's the case. And when I do get in a match there will be 5-6 minutes left in 85% of them. My internet has no fault and I'm sure of it. Then you're there chilling and killing but suddenly with 10 secs left you get kicked out of the match. Or your progress won't save because you were inactive for too long. Or it pretends to end prematurely because there is not enough players. Or you get killed because the game stopped responding then when you're dying the screen goes black, you can only see your abilities and **** doesn't happen. Then you try to move on and pause the game, and it doesn't respond to open the menu. Then you try to quit the menu and get kicked out of the match.

Other than that, nice MP. I love the Wolfpack (except for ****** players to just run straight to the targets and kill them without bothering about scoring) but that's not your fault. It's a very unique gameplay experience. I have lots of other complains but I don't feel like typing them once again here. Just pay attention to the forums and you'll find them. But yeah: if 70% of the things you guys plan worked for everyone, then yes, your multiplayer would be nearly perfect in my opinion.

Service Feedback
No, seriously. I love most of your games and I do hope you guys care for what you read here if you even do. Whenever I come over the forums and check people's problems solved by your employees I NEVER, not even once found some answer I wouldn't be able to find by myself. Now actual problems like the lag problem I have with every single one of your AC games except for Black Flag actually made me angry. Seriously, how ****ing fair is it for you to pay ****ing R$100-R$200, taking 10 hrs to download the game because your internet is ****, then being unable to play the game? Moreover, with friends/family around which was my case? Then you look for solutions and get no answers at all from the team. The very few you get from here that don't end with a "call the support team" are answered by players. I really think you say that because you know we'll most likely be like f that most of us will just go play another game. When I did call you, the number you gave me didn't exist. Lovely.

So please feel free to comment whatever comes in thought. I appreciate productive comments but you guys can just throw rocks at me if you feel like doing so.