View Full Version : Serious Graphical Anomaly?

12-31-2013, 06:32 AM
So this issue pops up sometimes during naval battles and has happened once when I was fighting after boarding a man o' war. I have also managed to find one way to replicate this issue 100% of the time - it happens when I ram another ship...So I'm not sure what to make of this. Here's a link to a screenshot showing how the display gets crammed onto half the screen, but you can see the HUD elements are still fine. WTF? Can anybody out there help me with this, I have no idea how to troubleshoot this...thanks. http://i196.photobucket.com/albums/aa23/Rob2845/AssassinrsquosCreedregIVBlackFlagtrade2013-12-30-22-18-13.jpg

12-31-2013, 07:00 AM
So some fiddling has found TXAA 2x to be the culprit. This really saddens me, since TXAA pretty much kills all jagged edges while moving in the game...anyone have this issue with the TXAA 2x? Got an evga 660ti, not sure why it would do this...