View Full Version : AC4 Crashing in the 1st 5 minutes of launch about 5 times then it's ok.

12-30-2013, 06:59 AM
So I'm here yet again due to the fact that technical support takes around 24h in between single replies which is to me ridiculous. Every time I'm starting to play the game it's the same thing - the game crashes after a few seconds, a minute - to 5 minutes. It can do so up to 4-5 times. And then, all of a sudden it works for 8h straight. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? Does anyone have similar experiences with the game? I swear to god, I'm losing the plot here, plus the multiplayer/limited mode issue hasn't been resolved yet. the lack of chat option with the CS is driving me insane. So far I've been asked 3 times to send dxdiag, msinfo and been waiting for over 36h for answer. Well **** you ubisoft, **** you too. The last time I have spent my money on your game.

12-30-2013, 07:10 AM
Didn't you hear? You're Ubisoft's only customer.

If you're getting replies in 24 hours, consider yourself lucky. Others have waited days, even up to a week for a response.

Their front pages states at least 48 hours, and is in fact asking for even more patience due to higher than normal support cases.