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FFOE Templar
12-30-2013, 12:59 AM
A few ways to make the next ac game or the solo pirate game really fun to play. Here's a basic general lists of things.

Start with the citizens. Most people in the AC games are just there for show. They just walk around and don't do anything(lame). In order for the world to seem more lively; Every single person in the game should have their own identity, personality, etc. Take some notes from Skyrim for example, the citizens in that game, Have their own names and responsibilities and each have their own home.. They wake up, go to work, chill with their family and then go to bed. I want the next AC games and the pirate game to incorporate those types of things.

More accessible buildings, vessels(ships). In my opinion every building should be accessible. I would've loved to go chill with Blackbeard at his North Carolina home and go chill with him on his vessel. You basically could go every where and do anything you wanted to.

Be able to store more things on the character, like weapons, food, treasure items, etc. It would be awesome to pick up any weapon to either store it, use it and even sell it at a shop. I wanted to be able to use a musket or blunderbuss and then also keep it on the character so i could use it again but you're unable to do that in AC4.

I loved having the cove. Ubisoft should build on that. It would be really nice to have more options when buying property and building a house, town and even a city on it. Then you could generate income that way. When building up a cove or town, give the players a good amount of options when doing that. Like where to put the bar and what should the bar look like. Being able to buy more than 1 piece of property would be really nice.

Now with the vessel. Build on what you already have done. You should be able to buy vessels.I would like to be able to command any of them and sail the ocean and go anywhere I please. each and every ship should be able to customize and should have alot of customization's to them.

Reduce the number of random islands that are just there for show. Instead have continents there, with multiple cities and and towns, etc. Florida was a big disappointment for me because it was just an island and really nothing else.

Like I said just a generic general list of things that should be put into the next AC game and next pirate game.

12-30-2013, 01:40 AM
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