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12-29-2013, 09:55 PM
Reposting advice I got from Ubisoft earlier yesterday.

I just called Ubisoft support at 1 (888) 824-7038. I had to wait in the queue for a long while (at slot 1 the whole time), but eventually I got through. A very helpful guy at the other end of the line heard me describe the issues I've run into trying to get social events to appear (zip after 100% completion and nearly all challenges done), and he confirmed that there have been multiple tickets open on the issue with only a small variance in the details.

The support guy confirmed that the issue has been raised to the development team, but also confirmed that said team is pretty much on vacation for at least another week or two due to the holidays. I then asked about the chances of social events on PlayStation 4 being looked into and fixed (I brought up Assassin's Creed III's issues as a counterexample), and he believed that the odds were good but couldn't guarantee anything.

He recommended that I encourage friends and everyone seeing this issue call 1 (888) 824-7038 to open tickets.

Basically, triaging bugs like this is a numbers game at Ubisoft; rather than a quality bar, the deciding factor of what gets looked into (and fixed) and what gets ignored is based on traffic, pure and simple. Resource allocation to a bug only makes sense if a known issue gets enough volume--otherwise pulling developers aside to fix a released title just isn't worth it. (This last bit is my interpretation.)

So here's my post. And I recommend calling in just to get a human response to what many of us are seeing as a gaping hole in an otherwise excellent release. Maybe I was just lucky, but the guys running support seem to be invested and attentive--makes me wish they had the final call in deciding when an Ubisoft release is actually ready.

Here is my post to join in on the complaint regarding social chests. This is totally ridiculous. Calling in as well. Everyone please follow suit!

On a side note, were the developers sitting around a meeting table before the holiday break and saying "hmm, how can we REALLY piss off our fans/players before the new year"? I mean, why else would they do this before a holiday break when they know they won't be able to respond to complaints?

12-29-2013, 10:57 PM
Seems the only thing that works with social events is white whales. I'm 2/3 way into my second play through and I've only seen 2 white whales in both my play throughs. No social chests at all and only stuck Royal Convoy icons with no convoys.

They said they were aware social events aren't working properly, but that was a LONG time ago. If you're going to tie completion to social events Ubi, get them working properly!

12-30-2013, 01:02 PM
It's really pissing me off. All I need to complete my outfits is the Governor's outfit, which I would really like to wear too. But in 2 months of playing the game, I have never come across a social treasure, or even a royal convoy. I have only ever found one white whale. If they wanted it rare, then they made it too rare. 40 hours of gameplay should be more than enough to find all three multiple times.

01-30-2014, 12:47 AM
Hi all. No-one seems to have mentioned it, but the key to finding the white whales and the royal convoys.... is the telescope.

I was at sea, and concentrated on packs of 3 ships sailing together via the main map, which shows them much further away. I used the telescope at range, spied a group, and noticed the reales on the ship was 10000. I sailed closer and only at close range did it turn blue. I plundered them, wandered for literally 30 seconds along the coast, used the telescope and found a second trio, same result.

The first two white whales I randomly stumbled across, but the third I found by doing a 360 with the telescope and it said white whale in red, totally out of view. I sailed in that direction, and soon saw the birds in the air, and then shortly after it went blue on the map.

Now the treasure chests I'm not so sure about. The first I stumbled across during mission 9 or 10 on the edge of a beach, but since then I've had no luck, and I've played solid for a fortnight.

Good luck!

01-31-2014, 02:22 PM
Update: I found a second social treasure chest last night. I'm pretty sure it was in exactly the same position as the first one a few days ago during mission 9 or 10.

It was at 523, 235 which I got to by fast travelling to Long Bay I think it's called. You spawn just off the beach, so I walked to it and ran to tne right along the coast and ther is a little box half buried. If the social treasure chest is going to be there for you on that load, then it appears about 1 meter further along and does not look like a normal chest, but is half buried. I then fast travelled back again to see what happens, and this time the chest was replaced by a sort of cuboid boulder which had a parcel-like criss cross of rope bound around it i.e. when you look at it, it looks exactly like 'X marks the spot'. I believe this is a clue as I noticed these exact same boulders elsewhere, at camp sites on beaches, during the campaign and thought they stood out; I bet these are the spawn points for the social chests, plus the chest in the Inagua mansion at the foot of the bed. I then fast travelled back and forth between those two positions about 10x hoping either might spawn that night, but they didn't.

My advice is to go to those two positions once per session, together with any other fixed positions you see in the forums, and see if you get lucky. If looking for others, I'd only check beaches and campsites along coasts.

01-31-2014, 02:30 PM
As for the 'social' aspect, I believe this relates to after you find an event (which are simply harder to notice), where you can announce to online friends playing ac4 that you've found one. Probably, as long as you are online, you'll get them. I doubt being logged in to Uplay too is required. I suspect though, you'd still get them if you're offline, it all depends if the game engine generates them as rare spawns (probably) or Ubisoft somehow trigger them (seems unnecessary).

02-03-2014, 12:11 AM
Got my 3rd social chest. I logged out whilst in Inagua, so when I logged in today I ran to the bedroom and sure enough, it popped. I note that the chest isn't the same chest at the foot of the bed, but was a flat top chest which appeared by the middle window.

02-03-2014, 04:24 PM
i've just gave up, it doesnt make sense to keep roaming in this huge map after finishing the game to find couple of chests, this feature should've been working from the beginning so people can find this crap while playing missions not fixing it 3 months later and expect everyone to jump in and roam for hours to find them. and on top of all this, they are not spawning properly, at least the genius who fixed it should've taken a note that most people beat the game and made them spawn more often for us to have a chance to find them more quickly instead of keep roaming for hours to find 3 social craps that dont even exist.

02-12-2014, 06:11 AM
I'm aware of social challenges and whatnot, but seeing I have no friends to share with or they me this has become a monotonous and fruitless effort to gain challenges like the whale convoys and chests. I've seen only 2 whales this far first one I didn't have them stock to make the harpoons or boat.the second was purely by chance.Im struggling to find any of these things. Just bought the game last Friday n 76% sync but I would like to do other things than main missions or contracts. Think this is rather unfair to those that don't have friends to play with on the game.I get life ain't fair but hell I paid 60 bucks for the dang thing =( just aggravating to say it politely