View Full Version : where can i find log of subtitle Assasin's creed 4?

12-29-2013, 06:34 PM
hi i from Russia and i'd like studying english with AC4 on PS4, when i am watching " clips, flashbacks" i see english subtitles, there are many english words which i can not understand. please help me, i want find subtitles log (journal). so that i will be translate the words, before i start playing. thanks

how can i get subtitles

i dont have PC version of the game but i know it's possible to extract log eng subtitle from file game AC4 on PC version, , maybe somebody help me.
greetings from Russia.

12-30-2013, 03:19 PM
Hi, I'd recommend just asking a PC player to upload the PC version's file that contains the text you are interested in. I've seen your other thread and it's really not neccesary to make two threads for the same issue. In the other thread you seem to be confused about the different versions. As far as I'm aware all spoken text (and therefore subtitles) are the same among all versions. This means the file on PC will contain exactly the same lines as on PS4. In short: Just ask someone to give you the PC file (which from my experience on this form, people are more than nice enough to do unless it breaks a certain copyright law. If so the mods should weigh in on this).

Also just a little suggestion: if you'd like to learn English from playing videogames (which is a great method and certainly a lot more fun than doing it all in books, movies are another great option btw) it might be better to pick an RPG. AC IV is a great game but it doesn't have something nearly all RPG's have that will help you to learn: having to click through text boxes. In most RPG's you will be presented with a box full of text and you have to click before getting the next. That way you can look up the words you don't understand and be more actively engaged with the language instead of just letting the game proceed automatically causing you to miss things. A lot of more recent RPG's have voice-overs too so that way you can also pick up the pronunciation. You can learn from AC IV but being an English student at a university I'd highly recommend actually engaging with the text more which RPGs are great at. Just my two cents.

And one quick pointer: in English every use of the first person pronoun is capitalized. So it's I not i.