View Full Version : Freedom Cry DLC, game freezing during conversation with Bastienne Josephe

12-29-2013, 04:49 PM
Ok heres the thing. My game freezes and i have to restart every time during the conversation with Bastienne Josephe at the tavern after following that gentleman dude. Game freezes at the exact same spot every time, when she gets up from her chair. I tried transfering files to my laptop and installed the game there but same stuff happens. I tried literally everything i could think of except redownloading the game and reinstallling it, but that is something i would rather not do because with my Internet speed it takes forever to redownload 30 gigs. Not to mention that its been 10 days and UBI support hasnt help one bit, and i have to wait for 2 days for every response. PLEASE HELP!

12-29-2013, 06:10 PM
Many people having similiar issues in another mission... So, it is probably the same issue as rest - latest patch.