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12-28-2013, 01:39 PM
Hey all I didn't want to necro old topic so I decided to make new one in 2013 and soon 2014 :)

So thank's to steam I recently bought AC Revelations and finished it yesterday + jumped to watch AC Embers right after that.
Andwell I would like to know if there is any clarification regarding AC Embers ending.

I did some digging and I saw the templar cross and poison theory and it would fit (plus if you watch embers again and listen carefully you can hear the sound of hidden blade being drawn out + pinching sound like needle stabbing something. But I also read about Young man being death is self manifesting as Ezio all fears and memories so I gave it a little thought

The hidden templar cross on the bracelet (is only on one frame ) could symbolise the threat that Ezio always knew is waiting for him (mentions it in Embers ) and other assassins also the enemy that he was fighting whole his life.

Bracelet - reminder of the Assassin's Order and his "former " life and if you look at braclet itself it looks like the one Altair was using in the first ac after being strip of ranks (simple leather braclet ) kinda hard to belive that this young man would be using something like this in 1524.

The Young Man posture and attitutde could symbolise young Ezio before becoming assassin (talking about women ) also the youg man resemble to some extend Pazzi the first true "enemy " that Ezio faced.

And well Ezio was sick true but when the man came near him he started to feel much worse and when the young man touch Ezio hand we only see Ezio reaction (O.O ) like he realise he meet this man before and the young man smiles and nod. If you think of it Ezio brushed with death on many occasions during AC and after young man touches Ezio hand he now realise that it's really the end of his journey, also the smile and nod of young man was like "Yes Ezio it's really me " and the words "Courage old man " could mean that Ezio should not fear of the end and should finnaly let go.

And the fact that in his final moments he looks at his daughter and Sophia then smile and passes away in peace would be kinda odd if Ezio would realise that he was killed by templar knowing Ezio in his dying breath he would try to warn his family (knowing that templars found him and his family and might also hurt them )

Well that would be my thoughts sorry for English but it's not my native tongue :)

And what do you guys think ? More towards Templar assassin theory, Death theory or just narural death cause :D

12-28-2013, 06:21 PM
Some nice interpretations there! With regards to your question - "And well I would like to know if there is any clarification regarding AC Embers ending." - the answer is sort of.

Darby McDevitt (creative scriptwriter) answered part of this in a Q&A he did for AC initiates. I'll copy and paste the relevant section, which I'm taking from a Facebook page that has the questions and answers (https://www.facebook.com/notes/access-the-animus/initiates-qa-with-darby-mcdevitt-part-i/445999618834286)

He probably does the opposite of clarifying it since he made it to have different meanings, but it's useful.

Question: Could you shed some light to the theories that surround the ending where Ezio is visited by a strange man the a scar and later passes away in front of his family.

DARBY: I wrote that story to be deliberately ambiguous, so....

Question: Did Ezio get poisoned by this man? Was he a templar?

DARBY: Maybe. Maybe.

Question: Or a fellow assassin from the Brotherhood simply sent to "friendly retire" Ezio?


Question: Or did Ezio simply die of the sickness of lung disease from the burning of Cappadocia in Revelations?

DARBY: Maybe.

Question: What was your approach and explanation on writing in the "Scarred Man" and the ending?

DARBY: What you see is what you get. The important thing about that scene is that Ezio died with dignity, having accomplished almost everything he wanted in life. Precicely HOW he died is not important. And leaving it open to interpretation provides a way for fans to speculate and dream... games are particularly notorious for hitting people over the head with their themes and morals... I loathe that. I want dreaming and ambiguity to be a priority.