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12-27-2013, 07:20 PM
im sorry if ive posted this in the incorrect forum please move to correct form thank you.

for Christmas I received as a gift the 2 collectable figurine's the Edward and Blackbeard diorama. now in the box of each figure is a code for extra content for the black flag game.I entered the codes on the website as instructed and then received emails for the content for my Xbox 360. I entered the codes via the extra content section on the game and each ode came back as invalid. So I contacted ubisoft via the question help support section their reply was................... codes are for the US only not for the UK but they choose to sell these collectables in UK stores. there is NO indication that these codes only work in the US only " but why just the U.S " now maybe the person or persons dealing with my issue was just being lazy because its the Christmas period or just fob me off because thinking I would go away well I wont the packaging and booklet states extra game content and it DOES NOT "state the U.S only" does anyone else have this issue