View Full Version : Winners of New Year Holiday Giveaway!

12-27-2013, 04:12 AM
Here are the list of winners with prizes! I will update this thread each day. The 1st name is from the server RotG 4, 2nd is HotA 4, and 3rd is RR 4

December 25th. Prize - Magic Wheel. Winners: Bzz, m33perts, AriEv
December 26th. Prize - Hero Unlock. Winners: MianZia, big_moose60, snrlryano
December 27th. Prize - Renewal +2. Winners: SirJames5520, rsdwor, Lenthar
December 28th. Prize - Enchanted Beams x10. Winners: LittleBebo, k.ebarb, billduck
December 29th. Prize - Ilm-Hijra Spell. Winners: Xendel1, nish970137, illinoishater
December 30th. Prize - Crevice 10 lvls. Winners: deadhead_667, jasonpaschke, Gharsc
December 31st. Prize - Legendary Career. Winners: Trull, Angelina18, Gatur

Congrats to the current winners!

[GM] IIConnorsII