View Full Version : Assassin's Creed Revelations error

12-27-2013, 03:00 AM
So, I downloaded and installed the AC Revelations, but seems like when I click to play the game, it shows up a window saying:
"ACRSP.exe - Application Error
The application could not be initialized correctly (0xc0000056).
Click OK to close the application."

I downloaded this game from the internet, it's the AC Revelations - SKIDROW.
If you guys could help, please...

12-27-2013, 03:40 AM
Seriously? I'm not going to make judgements on the fors/againsts of software piracy, but I think coming on the official forum and asking for help when it doesn't work is a bit cheeky :p

12-27-2013, 05:03 PM
I am having the same problem with a legitimate copy, but I am going to try restarting it without the updates to see if it works. I will post again after testing.

12-27-2013, 05:12 PM
Oo! you are using a pirated copy of the game and came here to asking for help!!

delete/change your thread or you will get banned.

12-27-2013, 07:14 PM
just tried it without the patches, but got nothing.