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12-26-2013, 08:27 PM
As the title says, what naval battle has been most impressive to you in game. It could be the one time that Spanish ships engaged a large British fleet or it could be one of the Main mission ones. Which did you find to be the most impressive? Give us details and what you did.

For myself. I found that when I was RPing as a British Privateer, I took part in a naval battle that happened just West of Jamaica. When 7 Spanish Galleons accomponied by 14 Frigates, brigs, and schooners; took on a force of 6 British Galleons, 11 Brigs and frigates and me.

We won, but not after losing 4 galleons and all our brigs.

12-27-2013, 01:05 AM
In the campaign, for my first play through, maybe the fort Naval Contract where you're tasked to defend a Spanish Gallion against a 3 wave attack. It's a max difficulty level rating contract. It's not too hard once you learn naval combat and upgrade the ship, but my first play through it kinda took me by surprise, and my ship wasn't very upgraded. It felt good when I beat it. I'd have beaten it sooner if it weren't for the Gallion getting destroyed twice. I then found that a good tactic was to lure one of the big ships away on the 3rd wave, and let the Gallion duke it out with the other one, then incapacitate, board and repair with the one I lured. That's when I first learned the value of boarding and repairing as you go.

On this play through, so far it's been the final phase of my gathering enough resources for elite level ship upgrades, currently being one notch below that. I was plundering just south of Kingston after doing the Prins mission there, and successfully taking on Frigates one at a time, then after incapacitating and boarding a Man O War, I got a bit too ambitious with trying to quickly mop up the last of the crew kill requirements, and got desynced by 3 Agiles and a Brute surrounding me.

I then was so pissed I went on a rampage. After I respawned there was lots of Man O Wars, and Frigates around me, but I quickly wedged myself between one of the Frigates and the shoreline, and pummeled it with Heavy Shot and Broadsides, while being out of harm's way from other ships, and boarded and repaired as I went after that from one Frigate to another, then one Man O War to another. After a few more Man O Wars went down, I looked around and the last one was fleeing. I had to chase after it and fulfill the last of my revenge.

I soon had max wood and metal and over 65,000 Reales. The only thing weird is, even with max cargo capacity, the metal stopped accumulating at about 1958, and wood a bit less than that, and both in white text. Before I've always seen it max at 2000, and when it does it goes to red text. I do have enough for pretty much all elite upgrades now though, and well before I even have the diving bell to get the plans.

12-27-2013, 07:43 AM
Brothers-in-Arms legendary ships battle