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12-26-2013, 06:32 PM
Even if someone affirm that he find every kind of social events and that they are just very rare, people is going on opening threds and posts about problems with finding social events.
I found a kind of workaround I already posted.
It helped at least me and another player.
I open this thread reporting my experience, just in case someone would try.
No one force you to do it!

[FIRST POST, 12-17-2013, 12:46 AM]
Ok, hi.
This is my personal experience of this issue.
I think it's related to a couple of things:

- number of friends on your list
- stucked event icon on map
- progress in game

I have 26 firends in my list. I deleted a lot. Since then I can see the name of the player who helps me in kenway's fleet.
I finished the game and i have a convoy blue icon stucked on map. Only a white whale to find...

I didn't think i can find social events anymore, so I tried something different....
I began another game.
When I reached the point in which you have a ship and a crew (around sequence 3), I found a blue convoy (actually I think a friend found it and share).
So I went back to my 100% sync game and, as I hoped, the convoy was on map.

Different games of the same user, share the same social events and kenway's fleet.

Unfortunatly when i beat it, in my other game appeared the convoy blue icon stucked... and since then: zero events. And still need the whale...

So, with a lot of pacience, I starded a third game, focusing only on my ship and sealing around.
And finally a message that says a friend found a whale!
I beat it and now I'm really 100% sync...
... but i'm still stucked in Iniciates mission that says "DISCOVER a scocial event...".
And this is where I am right now.

A friend of mine a couple days ago found a Social Convoy while I was in SP (in 100% sync game).
And no messages said nothing to me. Instead of sharing it automatically, as it should. So, here's a bug.
All alerts of social events in my games were about some friend discovery. Never mine.

So at this time I don't even know if I can ACTUALLY discover a social event in my game.
I'll stop sealing around, waiting for some Ubisoft answer...

I hope my experience and workarounds could help someone. If you're still sailing around for hours in a 100% sync map, stop it!
You have time, so begin another game. Remember that when you reach the point in which you can use the kenway's fleet (sequence 3), this is the same of your other game.
You can get a lot of money with it, if you need. Just remember to enter the fleet in the game in which you need money!

Ah! And of course, if you have to beat a whale and you find it this way, remember to go back to the other game and beat it with the stronger boat!

[12-22-2013, 03:58 PM]
It's just a workaround i wrote in a previous post in this thread (12-17-2013, 12:46), but...
I think the problem is also related with progress in game.
I never found a single event (shared or discovered) when i sail in 100% sync map.
I don't actually know if it's for having the game 100%, or for that blue convoy icon stuck....
But I had to start another game. When you find (or a friend find) an event, AND YOU CAN SEE IT ON MAP, then go back to your 100% sync game and you will find it on map.

Last post I described how I can share, but never discover. I needed it for a challenge in Iniciates (DISCOVER a social event).
Then something strange appened...
A friend tell me in chat he found a social whale (this is also strange: if a friend find it, it should be shared automatically).
Then, just for fun, I went to that (on my no-100% game), found it, no messages alerted me.... And then go back to my 100% sync and beat it.
The only message ingame was that I beat it. Not discovery, neither sharing.
But magically my mission on initiates (that I've leave open) checked "dicovery" as done!

I don't know which problem you have with social events, but try to start another game.
Every game of the same player share social stuff (like kenways fleet).
Unfortunately you have to reach at least sequence 3 for sealing with crew and fleet....

I hope it helps