View Full Version : Trophies not Unlocking? (PS4) Help!

12-26-2013, 04:58 PM
I've been playing AC4 for a week now and i just realized that 2 trophies are locked. I'm on Sequence 10 right now and the trophy Death of Salesman (Complete Sequence 5) is locked! WTF? Should i replay the missions? Also the trophy Mer-man (Swim one nautical mile) is also locked! In the statistics of the game it says that i swam 3 nautical miles. I unlocked so many trophies in AC4 (for the taverns ,for the hideout etc.) and i don't know why this 2 trophies are locked. Also I finished the game a month ago on the PS3 and i had no problems unlocking these.Any suggestions? :confused:
Also i forgot to say that i have another problem ,I can't access my Fleet (in the ship's cabin) because it says that i don't Uplay Passport but Uplay passports are not used anymore ,so i do not know what to do to fix this :(