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12-24-2013, 12:03 AM
Hi guys!

Okay, with writing this I have not played AC: Black Flag yet, so I am unaware of what happens in that game after Desmond's death...
While sitting and studying history I stumbled upon this idea, and I wanted to share it, and yes, even to me it sounds cray-cray... Here it goes:

Obvious parts:
Juno, Minerva, Consus and Jupiter are all well-known Roman gods. Then, Hermes and Aphrodite are Greek gods, who have a roman equivalent, Mercury and Venus. Then again, Osiris and Isis are Egyptian gods, with the roman equivalents being Pluto and Bona Dea, and last but not least, Aita, Juno's husband, who has the roman equivalent Orcus

Now, going further into it, it seems like an obstacle that Minerva says to Ezio in 1499: "No, not Gods. We simply came... Before." and "When we were still flesh and our home still whole, your kind betrayed us. We who made you. We, who gave you life!". However, my thoughts upon this are that even though she clarifies that they are of flesh like the humans, and that they are no Gods, they had the apples! And what did the apples do? GIVE THEM GOD-POWERS! Again, we have the "Adam and Eve" movie sequence from AC2, collected from encrypted data left by Subject 16. This shows Adam and Eve fleeing with the apple. The humans were created by The First Civilization, AND they "betrayed them". Thinking the same as me? Christianity. Adam and Eve "Betrayed" God because they took and ate the apple from the tree they were not supposed to eat from.

Then, as known by most, Desmond dies, with the two choices: following Minerva, who due to Roman mythology is the Goddess of wisdom, or following Juno, who is the Queen of Gods and Goddess of Marriage. Personally, I'd have trouble finding an answer to the dilemma Desmond was standing with, but I did not like the Ubisoft decision, as I am one of the few Desmond-lovers...

I'd like to hear what people thinks about the half-done (or maybe not even) theory I've come up with, and also what people can build onto it.

12-24-2013, 12:43 AM
I don't get it. What is your theory?

12-24-2013, 12:52 AM
Your theory isn't really a theory. All you've done is pointed out an obvious analogy.

And Desmond chose Juno because if he didn't most of humanity would die.

12-24-2013, 12:57 AM
The last thing I'm trying to do here is start a religious flame war, but within the AC lore, the Abrahamic religions (Christianity included) are myths constructed on the "real" event of Adam and Eve stealing the Apple and escaping from Eden. The religious version of that event, which was fabricated centuries afterward, says that Adam and Eve stole a literal Apple that gave them the gift of knowledge, and replaces the First Civilization with a literal God.

It's not really a conspiracy theory, it's just the way the story was presented in the glyphs.