View Full Version : Assasins Creed 4 Crashes on Startup

12-21-2013, 10:36 PM
Im so sick of UBI already!!!!!!!

I recently formatted my pc and got everything reinstalled.So i put my AC4 disk in and get it installed,i update my uplay and click on ac4 and it provides me with a download option.
So i click download and it has to download about 1.6GB all the way to 23444mb.It finishes and i click launch and it takes me to a black screen with that circle spinning(The mouse,loading etc)then i click i see a white screen and BOOM crash.ACBFSP IS NOT RESPONDING!!!!!!. I Then Verified the files and it provides me with a 14mb install option.I do it but still crash.i then navigate to the files of the game and notice that the ACBFSP launcher has no icon on it like the ACBFMP launcher.I delete the SP launcher and re verify and i download about 50 mb but still crash.Wich has me believing that the server is distributing me a corrupt launcher. Or its something wrong with the Datapc_patch.forge folder again.
If anyone reading this has the game fully updated and working could you please upload your SP LAUNCHER AND DataPC_patch.forge file and drop me a link as a PM Please and if you know whats wrong please let me know:))))))