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12-19-2013, 02:59 AM
This is sort of a persistent issue I have with AC's DLC approach, but given the small but distinctive map of Freedom Cry, it's especially relevant here:

I really wonder how difficult it would have been for Ubisoft to link up the Freedom Cry map with the main map (maybe as an unlock when you've completed both stories, so it doesn't muddle things up). It just strikes me how fantastic it would be if this DLC actually expanded the explorable world, adding a new city and other locations. The defining feature of ACIV is really the huge amount of freedom, and it makes the DLC feel a bit claustrophobic by comparison.

Even if it's impossible to do retroactively (I don't know enough about console programming to be able to tell) one would think that, knowing they would be delivering story DLC, they could have blocked off the extended portion of the map until you buy the DLC. Yes, people would complain that "Ubi$oft is stealing from us, we bought the game, we shouldn't have to pay again to unlock included content", but personally I think it would be well worth it. I'd pay another $10 on top of the DLC cost to be able to link up the West Indies map with the Caribbean map.

Bonus points if Ubisoft included the ability to switch between Edward/Ade. Chronologically rational? No. Awesome? Heck yes. Double bonus points if playing as Ade converted Caribbean plantation missions into liberation missions.

Anyway, just a thought. I certainly hope that future story DLCs for AC games take this approach. I'd feel like I was getting so much more if the DLC actually added to the seamless world instead of giving me a little compartmentalized nibble.

12-19-2013, 03:02 AM
The whole map from ACIV would be completely disproportionate to the amount of content in Freedom Cry. It would be pointless.

12-19-2013, 05:51 AM
In an open wold game like AC, they can be so so SO much more creative with DLCs. But they'd never do that. You know why? Because of this blasted yearly release schedule. It gives them barely any time to make any decent DLC before the next game is announced. We are like a couple of months after release? Already there's a dlc (and not a very impressive one going by the reviews). 2-3 more months later there would be an announcement for AC V after which all interest would be focussed on that game. Where is the time to make/play any actual dlc then? Last year the dlcs came later. This year they released them earlier. They are desperately trying to eek out a few dlcs within the already constricted schedule. You can't get much creative within such confined environment.