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12-17-2013, 11:37 AM
What features are in Freedom Cry?

We know he has some new weapons like the machete (awesome) and blunderbuss (awesome) and we also know the following - taken from the official site - but we know next to nothing:

Discover the secrets and horrors of Saint-Domingue and Port-au-Prince by land and sea. Help rebuild the Maroon resistance to plant the seeds of emancipation amongst the slaves as you witness the brutal reality of slavery in the 18th century.
Assassinate enemies and free slaves in exotic Port-au-Prince.
Deliver merciless justice in plantations.
Command the Experto Crede, a fearsome brig that will strike terror in the hearts of all slave trader ship crews. Chase and plunder enemy vessels to upgrade the Experto Crede and take down the slavers in the Caribbean.

So, from this we can gather that plantations are back (duh) and so is naval (even bigger DUH) but it also mentions upgrading the ship and plundering vessels implying a similar progression of upgrades as that of the Jackdaw (I'd assume). One point mentions exploring Saint-Domingue and Port-au-Prince... are these two new locales to AC4 or could we previous visit these as Edward (I don't have the game yet). If they're new, that means there are two cities to explore in this DLC...? But then later on, it only mentions Port-au-Prince so what gives? Also...will we be able to explore Havana, Kingston, and whatever random islands we could explore as Edward? It'd be fun to explore Havana as Adewale but I'm not sure if that's even remotely likely. I know the TOKW DLC for AC3 visited Boston, NY, and the Frontier and allowed you to explore those same areas but with newfound powers so theoretically, if Freedom Cry follows a similar idea, then we'd be able to explore Havana and the like and play with Adewale's new tools.

What OTHER things might they have? I know that none of us really know yet but soon, we will so this post is both a "what do you think will be in it?" for the time being but will soon become "no, seriously guys -- what's in it?" if that makes sense haha

For instance, will Adewale have different outfits similar to Edward? Judging from TOKW, we only got the one outfit and couldn't even import it into the standard game so probably unlikely that we'll get a white or brown or red variant to his outfit. If you know me at all, you know I dig the white hood but I can kinda see why they might not want a black Assassin running around freeing slaves in white, hooded robes but still. ;)

What about the cities themselves? To me, they look more or less Kingston/Boston/NY-ish which makes sense but again, I likd the more intricate and denser cities with tighter streets and alleys and from the trailers, it doesn't appear to be the case with (whatever) city he's in. For instance, Havana looks to be a nice city. It's not that it needs to be necessarily bright like Venice or Havana (though it is nice to see beautiful visuals like that) but it just needs to have that level of verticality and density to make the most of one of the biggest, if not THE biggest element that has persisted throughout the series and was one of the major selling points of the first game: the parkour! But hey, my opinion I s'pose.

What about Sea Shanties? Any new ones? Will we be required to re-collect the same shanties since this is technically a new crew and new ship or will they not be present?

I assume things like finding treasure and treasure chests will return. If they do, what will be spending money on besides ammo and upgrades to the ship? Outfits and weapons were paid for in the base game as far I'm aware so I'd guess we'd potentially have other weapons? But like what? Variations of machetes? Will be able to wield a sword if we'd rather (though that machete is awesome so I personally wouldn't use a sword) or add pistols like we can with Edward if we want?

As someone who doesn't know the storyline of AC4 and is going only off of what seems to be the general "feel" of the forums...it would seem that Edward either never becomes a true Assassin or skirts the line and is mostly morally gray and out for himself throughout the game. If this is the case and Adewale is more overtly "Assassin" then it would be an interesting way to bring back and experiment with the Assassin Recruit system and see what they could do new with it but I HIGHLY doubt it's there otherwise I'd feel they'd highlight that as a selling point.

So what do YOU think is going to be in Freedom Cry and what do you think we'll be able to do?

And if you're reading this in the future and have played Freedom Cry: What actually IS in it?

12-17-2013, 11:39 AM
One point mentions exploring Saint-Domingue and Port-au-Prince... are these two new locales to AC4 or could we previous visit these as Edward (I don't have the game yet).

Technically one. Saint-Domingue is the name of the French colony, Port-au-Prince - city-capital on that colony.

No, you don't visit Saint-Domingue as Edward. And you barely have any kind of French interactions as him. ... Like, none at all, in fact. Well, there's a plantation on Tortuga, I guess there's that. However, the western part of Haiti (where Port-au-Prince lies and which was Saint-Domingue) is in the AC4 map.

12-17-2013, 11:52 AM
Wait, Tortuga was supposed to be a French colony? I never saw French there..

12-17-2013, 11:57 AM
Wait, Tortuga was supposed to be a French colony? I never saw French there..

IIRC, Spain first settled there, but there were tons of French bucaneers at that place. It was like a contested point. I don't think it was under Spanish control during the end of the Golden Age, though. Also, Tortuga was part of the Saint-Domingue colony. Basically, it's a mess, but generally speaking it's considered 'French'.

12-17-2013, 12:04 PM
It's available now on the xbox marketplace. Just d/loading it.