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12-15-2013, 03:47 PM
Happen to come across this thread and I really find it ridiculous for a newbie to "assume" things.


12-15-2013, 05:59 PM
Seems like he got everything before the word Disadvantages wrong, but after that its pretty accurate.

12-16-2013, 12:30 AM
I'm persona non-gratia over there, so I'll reply to his disadvantages here:

+ You get disconnect constantly, from server side, whenever it want. Not sure if it because a huge number of player join at Steam launch or something else.

Not quite as bad as he makes it out, but yeah, this is the #1 problem with the game currently. It's a pretty big issue, especially if you're playing swiss tourneys.

+ It's milk so hard: It's provide booster pack for farm-able gold, but to get those cards that useful to you, the chance is 20 on 500 cards. Which mean average 1 useful card each booster pack, if you in luck

The game is certainly more expensive than SE, which is absurdly cheap. I don't personally know what the experience is like for newbies anymore, but I know of multiple people who've played to the highest levels F2P and I've only spent a moderate amount myself. Idk if he was taking wildcards into account here, but they've certainly helped things too.

+ It's milk even harder that it broke the game: to get money from old player, cards from new expansion is rediculous stronger those old ones. Not like in SE : new expansion is a side upgrade/playstyle changes - This game expansions is just a direct upgrade, so players have to constantly pay more to stay strong.

This is completely bogus, if anything the opposite is the problem here (too many useless cards in the 5T expansion). There has been virtaully zero power creep in this game. Just because 90% of expansion content isn't hot garbage like the single SE expansion to date doesn't mean this game has power creep.

+ It's freeaking Pay2Win: there is no limitation of how many card of each type you can have, so if you can spam a massive amount of rare/legendary cards, you win the game 90%. Those legendary card is just purely better, not a niche/special effect card you would find in SE.
Also complete rubbish, most staple creatures are common/uncommon, most rares/epics are that because they have a genuinely unusual effect. There's exeptions to this of course, but ubi have by and large done a pretty good job in not making a bunch of OMG 4x rare/epics (WC excluded). The very best epics are unique too which reduces the grind in getting them.

+ It's got no deep in counter thinking: there is no way (and no need) for you to guessing for opponent strategy, since there is too many combination you can have. One deck can have card from multiple classes. So there is no restriction/no rule/no guessing game. All you need to do is build a great combo card and try to pull off that as soon as possible, no need for dynamic adapt to the situation.

also utter garbage, and definitely not the sort of thing that a newbie is qualified to comment on. I do agree though that the resource system in SE (ripped from WOWTCG) is infinitely deeper than the rubbish "system" in MMDOC.

12-16-2013, 08:24 AM
It's Persona non GRATA.