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12-13-2013, 02:58 PM
Hi, I'm a new player and have been playing this game for 6 days.
so far it seamed great, skill intensive and fun until about 3 days ago: I chose inferno, did the campaign and started doing duels and on day 3 or 4 I got to 1001 ELO. But after that, I started to loose... a lot. every deck I played against seemed to be almost designed, with rares, epics and unique's galore and almost every time I loose is because of 3 or 4 cards, who's power I have never seen the likes of before and I cannot go below 1001 again.

so basically, this has stopped becoming a game of skill at that moment and become a pay-to-win or play-to-win game in my experience... I am lvl 11 atm, and have got 2 boxes but still have no where near the power of some of the cards the other decks have. and I know its not just because I play inferno because its the same story with mirror matches.

do I just have to suck it up, wait it out and farm resources until I have the same quality cards as my opponents?-which seems like the only option (which if so seems like my next week-or time it takes to be balanced is going to be very boring) or is there another way I can be matched against people who have played a similar length of time as me and earn resources at the same time?

to do with this though I have a question about tournaments; I have heard that in tournaments your ELO isn't counted, all this means though is that effectively everyone is assumed to be top tier isn't it? so that would mean that I also can't do them until I have better cards. but in spite of this, if I can get to 1001 elo do you think tournaments would be more worth my while than just duels?

any information or advice is welcome, thanks.

12-13-2013, 03:30 PM
lose (20) matches in a row and u will drop down below 1001. Or was it 10? But when you lose enough matches in a row you will go below the 1001. Just surrender matches and it's all good.

12-13-2013, 03:51 PM
oh really? thats great, but is there much point if I will just win them again when I get below 1001?, I guess that's besides the point, ok thanks.

12-13-2013, 04:07 PM
you can't expect to win with not that great deck (which I mean as no affront to you, you just don't have these "quality" cards as you said) against finely tuned decks of people with high level (elo is not that important in this case). i don't think there is a point in lowering your elo this way. better way would be to farm farm farm gold and exp and buy these cards. and even then, maybe you got distracted by how "easily" you got to 1001 - i know, like 70-80% winning rate, right? it will not happen. there is nothing wrong with you if you start with 30-40%, and than up it with more cards and more experience. you can also look up many tutorials, decks and so on to become more competitive...and ofc, you can buy some seals, if you want that process to be faster.

that you have less experience doesn't mean it stopped being game of skill. look at it this way: to 1001 it was tutorial on basic rules of the game. true competition starts now :-)

12-13-2013, 04:26 PM
I'm very new to the game too, I think level 8? But I've started experimenting with a second deck that isn't as good as the Inferno deck I started with. That's helped to bring my win rate down, without going the cheesy route of surrendering a bunch of times in a row. I'm still below 1001 though, and in no rush to get there. Every now and then I come across someone with a ridiculous deck full of epics and rares, and the fun is immediately sucked out of the game. So I'm hoping to spend a lot longer at lower ELO, just experimenting with different deck designs as I start to build up my card collection, in order to avoid most of the ultra-competitive people. Especially after reading about people's experiences above 1001 in the forums.

I almost wonder if it'll be a more fun experience in general to avoid the upper ranks even once I do get more cards in my collection, and continue making fun decks rather than stacking them full of multiple copies of the most overpowered cards. Though I'm curious how high I'd be able to get to, eventually.

12-13-2013, 04:37 PM
I diddn't know 1001 was 70% win rate, but ye, like CalliopeMuse said, its just no fun when your opponents spring out "a ridiculous deck of epics and rares" and you loose not because you made any tactical mistakes but purely because they have been playing longer (which is play-to-win or pay-to-win), in normal tcg's you can make your deck with the same pool as any other player, which is the fun of it, and yes I know this is a ccg, and the collecting is part of the fun too but playing with the people who have the SAME collected pool is the fun part of it. which seems to be omitted in this game, I guess there are benefits, like the cheep good decks get balanced, but there still are disadvantages of it, leading me to my original questions.

but I would still like to know though, at what level do you guys think it is worth entering tournaments? if you can reach 1001 ELO would that be enough? or only if you can go above it? when is it worth to enter instead of just doing duels?