View Full Version : AI Quality and Immersion Factors - Why AC AI Should Be Improved On XB1 and PS4

NeoMorph WTH
12-12-2013, 07:38 PM
Just a quick note, this is going to be a long one... This is not a rant at AC. This is just a few thoughts as to what could be done to improve the Immersion Factor of the series... Now here we go...

Seriously, the devs who work on the AC AI should take a leaf out of Far Cry book (2 and 3 mainly) and make the AI more... reactive. The AI in Far Cry 2 and 3 behave closer to what real enemies would do. Blow up something near to them and they first are shocked and then one of them spurs the rest to find the culprit. It just feels right. And you can sneak up in cover and out CROUCHED DOWN so that you are not spotted when you are behind a low wall. Fake out the enemies and then takedown time. But if you don't watch out they will flank you as well. Throw a stone and distract them as you sneak behind another enemy.

I'm not saying they are perfect but to have them flank you so that when you are running away you end up running into them just blows my mind. I'd love to see the AI in AC behave more organically... but then I'm sure some others would say "but that isn't Assassin's Creed". I just want an enemy that doesn't behave the same time after time. I do think the stealth part of AC4 doesn't work well when all you have are the bushes and you move between them standing up straight. Really irritates me... so I just go in swinging my swords instead most of the time.

I'm just a fan of immersive gameplay.... and the Far Cry series is by far the best in the open world arena. OK I do have a bit of favouritism toward first person but if it was third person it would still be more immersive than AC. What really does my head in is when there is a sword fight going on and a random enemy goes from sparring with one of my crew and then sprinting to hit me on the back of the head, even though he was facing the other way when he started the charge.

And the animation... just look at the glitchy AC animations... and then look at the smooth Far Cry 3 animations by comparison. They stumble and don't go from scrambling on the floor to fully upright in one frame (like what AC tends to do). It just makes the world more... believable. And when the world is more believable then the tense sections get even more tense. Even the wacky drugs sections seem to ... flow nicely.

I've played both games to death (basically done everything but the mini games in AC4 and completed everything in FC3) because I really enjoy open world games. I'm not saying that AC4 is bad but that it could be... better. I just want enemies to have more intelligence... I want Artificial Intelligence rather than Awful Idiot. Maybe when the devs get to grips with the new platforms the AI will be better. I want the enemies to behave as if they are actual people in an armed unit and not a bunch of single sprites that you hit until their health depletes.

But who thinks that the 360 and PS3 will drag new titles down so that they will run on those platforms as well? Mind you, look at Tomb Raider Definitive Edition. Talk about recycled gumf. I loved it on my 360 but I sure as hell won't buy it because it "makes Lara's hair look really nice".

But then they go on to say "In-game characters, enemies and destructability have been enhanced for added depth and realism" which gives me hope that the AI on the new platforms is going to get better. Instead of boosting all the enemies stats to make them tougher, they are making them smarter. WHICH IS AWESOME. I'd rather go up against an enemy who uses cover properly instead of just bouncing from one to another with no real thought (and Far Cry does this which is the only thing that sucks in that game).

The worst AI I have ever seen for cover hopping randomly was Mass Effect... OH GOD does anyone remember the last fight in ME2? My AI squad were bouncing in and out of cover and moving right into the enemy fire a good 80% of the time. At least AC is getting better and is DEFINITELY better than Mass Effect.

So yeah, not a rant but just a few thoughts why the AI should be improved on the new platforms and not dragged down to the lowest denominator of 360.PS3 .

Immersion Awaits.

TL:DR Assassins Creed AI needs to be more intelligent on the new generation consoles to give a greater feeling of immersion.