View Full Version : Xbox one unable to log in to servers

12-12-2013, 03:26 PM
Wow where do i start...... OK i have a uplay account on PC and have AC3. Ive beat it and over all was a good game. Ok so then i buy a xbox one and buy Blag flag right. I install the game and the uplay deal that came with it. I start playing and i notice the game freezes every 3 mins for a second or 2. I do some research and find its the Uplay deal. I un-install it. I play on and off for a few days and was like "what is this log in deal on the right side of the screen". I try it and it says "ubisoft servers unavalible right now, please try again later, contact support". So i try again every day the past week and i get the same thing over and over. I contact support 3 days ago and heard nothing back ive researched and researched and find nothing on how to fix this. Im scared that Uplay deal i done when i 1st install the game is linked to my gamertag and i will not be able to link real uplay account to it. And those of u that have this game on Xbox one and its working, feel lucky. I can not do mutiplayer, ingame fleet, and alot more stuff i would love to do. Im lost and getting very mad at this. Ive reached out to ubisoft and they have failed me. "Is it mistake to play games u love and 2 different platforms ubisoft????" Why make this so hard to do" I know some one will say "Please contact support" but i did and nothing has happen. A warning to others; Please be carful when u play ur games on different platforms and some companies get that $65 and they have done what they set out to do, nothing else matters

12-12-2013, 04:52 PM
Im having the very same problems here, But my Uplay account started on the Xbox 360 with AC1, Later on (about a year or two) got a PC Uplay account and linked it with my xbox 360 so they are a shared account, and i just can`t get on Uplay/Ubisoft servers for AC4 on the Xbox one, I do not know whats wrong or if it was just me or if sometihing was wrong with the servers or if anyone else was getting this problem..

12-12-2013, 06:50 PM
Hello, I am sorry to hear this. Please try the FAQ here: http://ubi.li/QqRDd Also, log into your account at the Uplay website to check which consoles are tied to the particular account. Please try unlinking and relinking the account and console accordingly. If you continue to have this issue, please contact your local Support team. You may use the links in my signature below. If possible please include as much information when contacting your region's Support. If at all possible, try another connection in the meantime.

12-16-2013, 04:26 PM
Having checked my Xbox one network connection, They seem fine,
My connection is wired from the Xbox one to the modem, no router,
My NAT is open,
Around 100 - 124 mbps download,
Around 7 - 13 mbps upload,
Around 150 - 170 latency - which i think is high for the Xbox one console, for the speeds im getting,
I did all network tests at different times of day to see these avarages,
I`ve tryed connecting to AC4 Uplay/Ubisoft servers every day with still no luck, because of this i`ve yet to get my Uplay items / play multiplayer or even do the Kenway`s fleet action in single player which needs needs to be connected to Ubisoft servers,
I`ve now sent a support ticket, Now need to wait and see what can be done.