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12-12-2013, 07:36 AM
Like many I found kill enemies with all 9 weapons to be stuck at 8/9 and smuggler dens at 4/5. I started a second save to and cautiously killed with one method at a time right up to the point where you can't get the last two due to story progression though a similar block applies to the smuggler dens. I also held off on going to Black Island due to something I read about the DLC having some sort of effect on challenges which to my mind seems absurd. However at this point in the second save I have finished both 9/9 weapon kills and 5/5 smuggler dens.

1. Unarmed (there's at least three ways I have done this one - beat up, killing tackle, and knockout then kill).
2. Single wield (steal enemy sword) and dual wield (use character's two swords).
3. Throwing knife swiped from the agile enemy types.
4. Pistol or pistols.
5. Rifles (shot and/or stab).
6. Hidden blades (after story progression acquisition).
7. Brute Axe (regular and special attack).
8. Blowpipe Berserk (berserk enemy kills or gets killed).
9. Rope dart (hanging style kill triggered the challenge compete).

Smuggler Dens - having the treasure maps associated with the various dens map coordinates is a time saver and might have some impact on den completion. In this second playthrough I only went to Black Island well after finishing the dens. Whether this factors in for certain I'm not sure.

12-12-2013, 07:55 AM
I too am struggling with killing enemies with 8 out of 9 weapons. I believe there is subtle problem with killing an agile enemy with his own weapon. Everytime I use the old block and then disarm his weapon is dropped on the ground with no ability to pick it up and kill him with it. (I don't think this is the throwing knife) I have one of these and have used it. I reckon this is the only weapon left to kill an enemy with via the old stab. I have been through every single other weapon in my own stock as well as the rifle from a sniper and an axe from the brute and the sword from the common guard.

12-13-2013, 12:51 AM
you disarm and throw your knife at him. that'll do it

12-13-2013, 12:57 AM
My weapon killed were stuck at 7/9 originally. But after this patch its at 9/9 now. So I'm happy i guess.

12-13-2013, 12:58 AM
The agiles weapons are the throwing knives... you can only hold the one at once...which is why their ones drop to the ground. So kill someone with yours disarm theirs and then switch to throwing knife and kill them with it.

12-13-2013, 01:42 AM
My weapon killed were stuck at 7/9 originally. But after this patch its at 9/9 now. So I'm happy i guess.

yup, the patched cured the 8/9 weapons used(you have no idea how creative i was being, trying to get the 9th...NOTE to self...throwing a crate at a soldier does nothing lol, and, you cant throw money hard enough to kill anyone either)

also fixed the 4/5 Smuggler Den/Coves problem too.

12-13-2013, 02:26 AM
Resolved my problem. I now have 9 out of 9 and diasarmed and killed 3 agiles with their own weapon.

12-16-2013, 05:42 AM
Latest title update shifts the counts to the proper number though the overall challenge count is still stuck at what it was before the update. This is contradiction and besides which the only two challenges I technically have left are 100% synchronization and win 2000R through mini-games - I was a decent checkers gamer in real life. I barely won against Achilles in Fanorama in a failed attempt to complete Original Gamer in AC3.

As for kill with each weapons in the first save - I may have made some sort of mistake early prior to getting the hidden blades. In my second save, I have the full 9/9 for weapons and 5/5 for dens - there they are counted properly to the challenges total. Below is the relative order of weapon kills in both saves.

1. Killed with Rifle (both shot and melee at Cape Bonavista)
2. Killed with dual swords (either Cape Bonavista or Havana)
3. Thrown knife (Nassau - I found that one out later)
4. Kill with pistol (Havana during the Sage escort memory).
5. Kill with single sword (before getting the Jackdaw).
6. Melee and special attack with brute axe (Kingston I think).
7. what I thought was my first hidden blades kill (Havana).
8. kill with berserk blow dart - both by their allies and when they died from duration.
9. rope dart (first memory where its available as a weapon) - both hang kill and counter kill.

I made a second save and carefully killed my way up to 7 out of 9 before the blow pipe. I also skipped going to Black Island until after I got the diving bell and went to the dens starting with Anotto Bay (treasure map obtained through the Kenway Fleet). I didn't know about the last three maps being accessed through the fleet and not cadavers.

When I started the second save some of the challenges were automatically done before I even checked for the weapons count. Certain challenges pertaining to Kenway fleet were also done oddly enough and the treasure maps from the fleet were already in my possession after I got the first map at Cape Bonavista.

I only got the blue royal convoy/blue social chest/blue white whale icons while playing online so to finish those challenges I just sailed around online and hoped I found something. Eventually I did during the first save long before I thought of doing a second save.

Memories that gave me the most patience testing optional objectives were ones that had a staying out of combat condition. I mean using darts once I had the blow pipe took some tension out of it but whistling lures were useful too while in stalking zones/hiding in haystacks/other hiding spots.

Right now the only memory I don't have full sync on is Sequence 10 - Memory 1. On my last outing, I made it all the way to the part where the second optional objective is added in and then I missed it thus I was again done with the memory a short time after with the same results as every other time including the first time.

01-25-2014, 05:26 AM
I picked up 100% sync and 2000R through minigames. All challenges are listed as completed but the total count remains at 98.

03-09-2015, 12:16 AM
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03-09-2015, 12:50 AM
I made this challenge in BF.

But it does not work in Rogue.

Lets see I have used these:

Shays weapons

Pistols, including head shotd

Hidden Blades, inc,uding air assassinatin and double assassination

Swoard and Dagger

Rope Darts

All rifle darts

All granades from the laucher

Pkle canion

Borrowed weapons



Sable/swoard from captains or guards.

Throwing knife agile guards

Poison exploading poisonous tanks or explosionshooting at firebarrels.

I only get 8/9. What have I forgotten?????