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12-12-2013, 04:48 AM
Hello AC fans. Let us list five and only five likes and dislikes of ACIV w/ description so Ubisoft can read through them all. Please refrain from disagreements/ agreement post on someone else's opinion please. So that Ubisoft can read through them all thoroughly. Please keep that in mind and respect the flow of the thread. Thank you.

1. Outfits - doesn't hinder the default look of the character for those that like it
2. Mission variety - nice change of pace through out sequences
3. Weapons animations - each weapon felt different (not so much guns)
4. Music - The music in this game set a world of immersion for me
5. Characters - like the variety of characters

1. No options - Options for character, ex: hood on or off or removing blowpipe/equipment
2. Character interaction - I hoped for more interactions and feelings for the characters
3. Sequences - jumped around without laying foundation for the next (on some)
4. Combat - It worked but needs to feel more natural for character and player
5. Character concept - not a real issue just a pet peeve (keep the character concept the same in game as trailers!)

12-12-2013, 05:02 AM
1. Outfits - All in all... I thought they were well done (except the whole floating guns thing)
2. Story - A nice change of pace from AC3's intense emotional rollercoaster.
3. Environments - The overworld and the cities felt very vibrant and alive. I like that.
4. Music - Bravo
5. Historical Conspiracy - Keep it coming.

1. Homestead - Great Inagua would've been awesome, if there was something/someone(s) there for me to feel attached to (even if it was just a specific few shopkeepers or pirates or jungle people.)
2. Character Interaction - I too would've liked more interactions between Edward and the Main NPCs like the random conversations in 3. (Also...more conversations between the Analyst and the office people would've been nice.)
3. Real World Puzzles - I was hoping for some real meaty puzzles. I liked the minigames....but they did seem a bit too easy.
4. Outfit Racks - I would like these back...that way I can display all the outfits I've collected.
5. Weapon Variety - I liked the ones you added...but I miss customizable grenades and Throwing Axes/Spears. I mean heck it's a game about Pirates and I couldn't grab a stray harpoon from the deck and launch it at a guy?! Missed opportunity I say.

12-12-2013, 05:06 AM
No options - Options for character, ex: hood on or off or removing blowpipe/equipment

This doesn't address the removing equipment complaint, but there is a little exploit you can use to get the hood up permanently in cities. If you fast-travel to a viewpoint or change your outfit at an outdoor merchant's stand, it will be up, and stay up regardless of whether you're in a restricted area or not. If you want it down again, just walk back onto your ship and he'll take it off automatically.

12-12-2013, 05:44 AM
LIKE and let's take "naval combat" as a given :)
1. Old titles were self-consciously bursting with HOLLYWOOD EPICNESS, via moments which had only weak involvement for the player, whereas IV keeps its biggest moments inside the gameplay
2. Tone is much better now. Modern day was not embarrassing at all. Script better, story fits much better around a long haul dipping-in-and-out approach, and the ending wasn't a foregone conclusion. The implication that the Observatory was a comment on post-9/11 government surveillance. Pleasant surprises everywhere now that Darby McDevitt's got more control, and it's a shame he won't be leading the next game. Looking forward to seeing what he does with VI. And has there been a Welsh main character in a video game before? I don't think so. +1000 to the person responsible.
3. Underwater sections don't get enough love. They were really nicely done, especially the ones that lead to dry areas (anything that makes me look at a map and think "how will I get THERE?" is welcomed by me).
4. Immeasurably better mission design, in terms of the layouts, and this extended into tertiary locations that weren't missions or even contracts but where stealth was necessary anyway. Lots of rewards for good planning, more than any other AC. Hopefully this is the plan from now on.
5. Best casting yet. As a British customer, I'm already a fan of lots of the performers in ACIV. Please come back and cast from our wealth of acting talent, especially the ones who are great on radio drama. I'd love to hear people like Clive Merrison (Sherlock Holmes on BBC Radio 4), Olivia Colman (extremely talented, massive range of accurate accents), Paterson Joseph and Geoffrey Whitehead.

DISLIKES (hardest list to think of, and these are going to be minor things)
1. Understandably, a lot ended up getting cut, and I think every customer could feel that. There were a lot of "okay, I'll take your word for it" moments where characters' motivations, relationships and in at least one case even identities were a bit of a mystery.
2. The locations felt like they were all about trade and little else. I would have liked to have seen more evidence of entertainment: theatres, chocolate houses, seasonal celebrations, even seeing a crowd of people out to celebrate their friend's birthday would be welcome. A wedding, an orchestra, a ball. These needn't be mission locations, and could just be random things going on during free roam.
3. Surely nobody hearing the English language voice actors could possibly have been fooled by James Kidd! Even if I'd had the game on mute, the character model would give it away. Come on now.
4. Close-up camera is disorientating when it zooms in and pans around the player during things like bell sabotage. Generally I'm darting out of cover with the intention of darting back into cover a.s.a.p., and the unnecessary close-up messes with that somewhat as I recover my bearings.
5. Please put some context into missions that need it, especially tailing missions, that make it clear why a certain set of conditions are in place. I don't mind figuring out a puzzle, and in fact I welcome that, but some missions are apparently straightforward but reject the players' adherence to the instructions. For example, there is a mission just before the party, where you must tail an Italian dignitary. It is not fun to have to find out the precise parameters of the mission through trial and error. I was able to double assassinate his soldier escorts before they reached the first corner, which then made the rest of the mission very peculiar, as the dignitary kept turning around to talk to the guards who were no longer there. Eventually the game prompt tells you that you can kill the target, except that's not really true either. Several times I made absolutely sure that nobody could see me take down the target, and yet the game insisted they had. In truth, the target simply had to be beyond a certain fence before the kill was permitted, and in the end it didn't even matter that I killed him noisily out of boredom right behind a guard's back - everything else melted away and the game decided I had been successful. All of this could have been avoided with a circumstantial event (i.e. one of several passers-by will deliver a paper ticket to him at [point x] in the journey, and there's no way you could possibly predict which one and intercept).These missions might be a bit more bearable with variable dialogue like GTA IV used to have on repeat missions attempts, by the way.