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12-12-2013, 12:14 AM
I am stuck in the Observation room. I have reached the stage of moving under one of the outcrops by using a series of pipe beams the last one of which shifts me to a wall. There are force fields on the face of the wall. I can reach the point where I get passed these but then have to make a reverse leap to another wall ledge to move forward towards Torres. Everytime I reach this point I can't make the jump and fall. I have tried shift+D, shift+D+spacebar, and every combination between. I have looked at one of the videos showing the leap so I know it can be made but I can't figure out how to make it on my PC version. Any ideas?

I have looked at a video from IGN, link below, on how to do it. It's for a console and not for PC.


View the video from 11.15 minutes in.

12-12-2013, 08:57 AM
I only had to make a single back eject and that was way before the pipe sequence, watching the video at 11:15 you've passed that point. There's a bar between the two walls above Torres which I think you're referring to, you can just walk across the connecting bar as it's a acro point (or just sit up there listen to everything Torres says, then air assassinate him).

This was a really cool memory, I rated it 5 stars.

(On the other hand, I rated the mission where you have to kill the ship captain with a rope swing after taking out the look outs 1 star, because that's damn near impossible to get a rope swing kill).

Hell even on youtube there's this comment: "You dont have to make the same jump he did at that point. If you wait for the light to stop you can climb up the groove on the right hand side of where you hang below the light. You dont actually jump up, you have to use the crack climb that he does. Just go up above the light and then work your way to the right. Thats how I did it, anyway."